Manchester City thread



Why is media prejudice freely allowed to occur?

Even freedom of speech has to abide by some legislation.

Is there no enforcable industry legislation at all for the free press regarding inciteful/unethical publishing?


Because of The Free Press. What you’re asking for starts a very slippery slope


I called a black girl stunning. I couldn’t possibly be racist.




I can’t believe Sterling has the cheek to go out and eat food after our World Cup exit. He should be fasting like the rest of us!


dunno what is worse, that or socks and sandals :gabriel:


PUMA have replaced us with City since we’re going to Adidas


Even our sponsors make moves to better destinations if true.


We are doomed.


We’ve upgraded too…



haha we are still getting more than mancity, but i guess it wouldnt matter anyway because they pull sponsorship deals outta their ass and self fund anyway probably.


It’s because they can’t fill their stadium despite having one of the best Prem teams ever and are in all essence a tinpot club


Wouldnt be surprised that when the etihad deal comes close to renewal it will be renewed at some insane price way above their other sponsors…hhhhhmmmmm.


UEFA are clamping down on that tbf I think

Inter can’t do the same thing with their owners Suning for Modric


Shame that our greedy board don’t invest these money :santi:.


I mean we haven’t got it yet tbf, haha.


But… but… everyone in Manchester is a City fan! United fans are all from London!



Well, useless for us now :xhaka: