Manchester City thread


i think yaya is just a top class preening dickhead, all ego and shallow and pathetic.


Did pep ever sign Eboue? No he didn’t. Proof enough for me of what yaya is saying.


Ku Klux Pep? :henry2:


The fact nearly every response is laughing off racism accusations just shows how easily racism lives on in 2018


Because it seems senseless in this case. Guardiola plays and has played Sane, Sterling, Boateng, Alaba, Keita, Abidal from the top of my head. Sure, he might not like Toure. But I honestly doubt that would be because of the colour of his skin.

I remember for example Johan Cruijff claiming on Dutch television that Toure wasn’t fit for the way they tried too play at Barcelona.


Yeah not to mention the black Brazilian contingent too. It’s almost nonsensical to suggest that Pep doesn’t like him because he’s black. It’s a hell of a lot more likely that Pep doesn’t like him because he seems to be an arrogant and self entitled man who just doesn’t appear to fit too well into Pep’s system. That’s really all there is to it if you ask me.


Arsenal definitely signed the right Toure, this one’s a complete chopper


Come to think of it. Gabriel Jesus and Fernandinho aren’t exactly white either. They’ve signed Walker and Mendy last summer.


Keita is the only African player Pep has signed, and he was never really a starter. The others, Yaya, Eto’o and Iheanacho, were sold.

It’s also not the first time someone has said this about Pep.

Now, whether or not all of this is enough as “evidence” to accuse him of something this serious in public is another matter.


Hes being a prick but he seems to stipulate Africans being the issue to be totally fair.


How many Africans in the top 100 or so footballers in the world? That’s the market city are in and much more likely the reason we won’t see pep fielding 5 at the same time.

Even if this bias was true, what’s the solution?


Sour grapes from Tourè.


Playing some black players certain doesn’t mean you also don’t racially discriminate against them.

IE in the past black players were considered fast enough to be wingers or fullbacks but not intelligent enough to play in central positions.

Guardiola also shifted much of the top black players from Barce, Prime Etoo, Prime Yaya and still good versions of Ronaldinho and Henry. So perhaps there is something behind this. That Barce team as good as it was, was weakened from shifting Etoo and Yaya

Racism is also more common in Spain.

Also he said ‘African’ players not ‘black’ players


How many ‘African’ players are or were there in the top of European football anyway? Seydou Keita wasn’t a starter, but I’m sure he played 150 games under Guardiola. In order for those players to be used they have to be available in the first place. Not sure why you mention Henry and Ronaldinho before saying it’s about African players and not black players. At City Fernandinho got the nod over Toure. Since you mention Ronaldinho and Henry. City could have had five black starting players when everybody is healthy. Again I mention those guys since you mention Ronaldinho and Henry.

Guardiola also got rid of Deco and tested Zlatan for a season before he decided Zlatan wasn’t a good fit either.

Like I said; Cruijff explained why he thought Toure wasn’t the best fit as player in that team too. It’s not unlikely Guardiola didn’t like Toure, but it’s highly unlikely he did because of where he was from.


Might be a good idea to read his comments in full

It got to the point I asked myself if it was because of my colour

He might have spent most of the time talking about Pep’s supposed issues with Africans, but he also clearly made it about colour too.


You’re starting from an assumption that discrimination of different levels doesn’t exist because of race and then looking for examples where black players played as examples. But black players playing doesn’t mean that they or other black players didn’t suffer discriminatory treatment or simply didn’t get equal opportunities.

Yaya stating Pep had an issue with African doesn’t mean Pep also didn’t have an issue with black players generally.

The glass ceiling for people of colour is still a factor throughout society. In football black managers are never given chances. Laughing off racism is how racism is kept alive and well. I’m not saying Guardiola should be branded a racist either but discrimination should be highlighted when it happens.


But when Toure is of the opinion that he didn’t get a fair go is it because of the fact that he is African or because of him as a player? Since Guardiola did use other African/black players it’s more likely to be the latter than the former. In his first season when Guardiola kept him on the bench in La Liga (he started pretty much all the games in the Champions League in 08/09) Keita was starting on several occasions. Whilst complaints about discriminatory treatment should be taken seriously it’s also fair to state that in this case its senseless since it can be argued he wasn’t kept óut of the team (he did play 3300+ minutes in all competitions) because of the fact that he is African when another African got a part of his minutes. The accusation doesn’t make sense.


Bloke is mad as a box of frogs anyway so don’t really pay any attention to this…


Don’t think anyone would disagree with that but there is precisely zero evidence of it in this case.


His agent’s at it now

“An African curse” :laughing: