Manchester City thread


Why did you @ me or am I missing something ?


Fan Logic -
Owners should invest their own money into the club & should never take money out of the club. Fair

Managers should not think about money & just get the best players in. Fair

Give players what they want & keep them in the club. 200k, 300k…pffft give it to them. Fair

Transfer fee. 100m? Who cares. Not my money. Spend Spend Spend…Fair

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This would only make sense if match day tickets were the only source of income for football clubs.

They could sqeeze out match going fans further, but at some point gains in that regard will be marginal compared to other revenue streams Arsenal should address. Like sleeve sponsorship etc. Not to mention the dissatisfaction it causes under match going people and the good will it takes away.




We need to squeezed out as many avenues as possible and that includes everything you mentioned plus ticket revenue.

You are being so hypocritical in demanding all what you want from Arsenal but are unwilling to shell out for the quality of players you demand.

What makes you worthy of watching Aubameyang live? your measly 30 pounds?


Not many 30 pound tickets going around the Emirates.


Season tickets come down to around the same range on per game basis; which is a steal imo.


I’ve got a mate that pays around 1300 quid for his season ticket, didn’t realise we had 40 odd home games haha.


Cup games are included in the pacckage


Yeah I know but you still don’t get 40 odd.


Well fine 50-55 pounds. Still not good enough.


Most supporters are paying a large proportion of their disposal income to go and support a club, especially if they go to away matches as well, and that money goes towards the unbelievably lavish lifestyles of the players, manager and owner.

If you think that our supporters aren’t entitled to criticise and expect more, that’s fair enough, but I think any supporter of the club should be getting a bit more for their hard earned wages.


I’d friendly sugguest anybody who spends a large proportion of their disposal income on attending football matches to stop and put their money to better use


How can he continue to spew the rhetoric that football fans don’t pay enough


I would agree, especially if you support Arsenal and go to away matches.

Although Man City supporters seem to be getting a good deal more for their money.


Because it is not proportionate to current footballing scenario.
Top flight football has reached the realm of being a luxury and only reason ticket prices are low is because we don’t have enough high earning fan base who can fill the whole stadium.

Had there been large enough high spending fan base, ticket prices would have been in range of 100-150 pounds per game easily.

Football fans are benefitting from lack of demand rather than fair value.


Convenient for them but not all clubs can offload their earnings from matchday to Qatar or Saudi sponsorship.


Because he doesn’t understand that TV revenue is a bigger deal than ticket prices. He equates higher ticket prices with transfer fees.


So what you’re saying is, if things were different, things would be different.

Glad we got that out! :kissing_heart: :grimacing:


God, I love these lessons in good old Trionomics