Manchester City thread


I don’t think you can just say it’s money anymore.

United have spent money for 25 years and never played anything like this current City team. City have been spending money for nearly a decade and never played anything like this current City team. Chelsea have spent money for 15 years and never played anything like this City team. Liverpool, Newcastle, whoever you like haven’t played like this City team.

This is the Guardiola effect that they craved. That fans of every club in this country craved for their club. It may have been expensive to get this squad together (I’d argue that there’s a City premium on every signing they make and it’s hardly Pep’s fault that they pay it) but it was hardly unachieveable galactico signings. Apart from Aguero (who at the time was affordable for most top clubs anyway but none seemed too bothered), who really was the last established world class player they signed? De Bruyne maybe after he’d had a great season in Germany but I don’t recall a queue of top clubs after him either. Potentially Walker maybe if you’re that way inclined but again, nobody else went out of their way to try and get him.

But either way it doesn’t really matter, what matters to me is this team is no more star studded than peak Chelsea, peak United or peak Arsenal. Whether City pay top dollar for Walker or Ashley Cole appears out of nowhere for Arsenal, who really cares. If City had bought Mbappe, Neymar, Ronaldo and Kroos this season then yeah you could just call it buying the league but Walker and Ederson? I’m not so sure.


Gosh People. Kindly read the full post before thinking that I am stating that Pep Guardiola effect is down to money.


Meh he’s got a gimmicky coaching style that he can only pull off when he buys better starting xi players than 90% of the league. Big fuckin deal.


Wenger’s got more money than spurs and Liverpool.
What’s his excuse.

If Gimmicky means Guardiola is more entertaining, more successful and more ambitious then can we have a gimmicky manager.

In what area of management is Wenger better than Guardiola?


They’ve still spent more money than us and their average league position is worse than ours so I dunno what stupid shit ur on about. Nothing interesting about Guardio£a at all.


So if we have more money than Spurs & Liverpool but haven’t spent more, who’s the problem ? Stan or Wenger ? Because you seem to think neither are a problem, which really doesn’t make sense.


Yes, you’re right, they’ve spent more money than us, and all we do is accumulate more of it.
Why doesn’t Wenger do the same, especially with the gaping holes in our first team and lack of world class quality, as well as knowing the only two world class players we have are leaving?

I don’t even know what, “there average league position being worse than ours,” even means.
How is it worse?
It must be some statistic only Wenger could come up with that you’ve read.

Would you seriously turn down the chance of having Guardiola here?


Now we have the money to spend, we spent 50m on Laca and put him on the bench against the top team of the league.
It is still Pep’s fault but not Wenger’s. :wenger:


Im not arguing that. You’re right. We should be spending more than them, and we should be finishing higher up. I’m just talking reality right now, not what if’s.





Damn AC~~~ :joy:


I used to respect Pep. When he was at Barca he truly invented a new style, but now he just can’t win without money.


Pep is one of the greatest managers of all time and it really saddens me when I hear people talk down his accomplishments. What he did at Barcelona, and how he accomplished it, will live long in the memory of any football fan.

The promotion of Busquets and Pedro. Moving Messi to a false 9. Bringing back Pique. Signing Dani Alves and using full backs in the most incredible way. Popularising the sweeper keeper. I think he did a tremendous amount for the development of Xavi and Iniesta. He moved key players on like Deco, Ronaldinho and eventually Eto’o.

I think what he did was amazing. And I don’t think anybody can dispute that when you watched that Barcelona team play you almost felt like they were unbeatable at times.

He is a fiercely driven tactician and a meticulous coach who strives to bring the best out of his players.


Some interesting points on both sides here, but as it stands he failed in his first season. Fair enough their flying right now but its less than a dozen games in.


The managers matter people. For god’s sake I can’t believe there are some fans that are so obtuse about this.

Sure Celtic are winning the league now like they did under Ronny Deila, but anyone can see they are at a higher level now under Rodgers. They just broke the British record for games unbeaten. Which they hadn’t done before.

No team had scored like 50 or however many goals in the first 10 pl games before Pep’s city. Mancini nor Pellegrino managed that.

Bayern won the bundesliga under Ancelotti but they sacked him, why? Because he wasn’t on the level expected, and the board could see that. Pep was better.

Managers matter, even at the biggest clubs.


Probably couldn’t cope with being destroyed by the best Nigerian footballer to ever play the game


Or thought good god Iwobi has a brace against us this is bad this is really really bad i cannot take playing for this country anymore, but i need to represent my country but this squad is so bad i cant do this (then faints)


He is fine now.



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