Manchester City thread



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Pep really knows how to get the best out of world class players.


Even Wenger could probably manage a team like this. Automatic pilot.


That’s true. Final outcome will be same no matter who the manager is.
But the kind of football & workrate Pep gets out of his players is impressive.

Atleast he is not a coward like Mou. Give Mourinho this squad & he will still go defensive against Liverpool.


I am not gonna give him praise. Sorry, but i prefer to be honest and say i do hate him :wink:


I won’t stop you :stuck_out_tongue:


Let Luca speak!! He’s on a roll right now, speaking the truth!!


Let’s be honest here, besides Aguero and De Bruyne, who are WC on their team actually?
Silva has past his prime already (still very very good though).

With 2 WC, one very very good plus Sane and a bunch of work horse, they are playing attractive and effective football; and sitting on top of the league with authority.

This City team is not Barcelona or Bayern, Pep deserves credit to build the one.


Hmmm…In a way that’s true.
But they do have plenty of players just a tier or two below world class.


Just use the players that did play today as example…

Besides the 4 that I mentioned, whom would we want and believe they are a tier or two below WC?
Ederson, Otamandi, Delph, Stones, Walker, Fernadinho, Sterling??

I guess, if we mention those players on the Arsenal transfer target thread, a lot would question “how many will walk into our starting 11 and contribute”. and stuff like that.

Correct me if I am wrong… I think a lot of us were laughing at Pep on spending 50m on Stones.


Don’t think he takes much notice of what the mods say. :smile:


That’s evidently not true.


Considering City have won titles with managers like Mancini & Pellegrini who both are currently not considered among the elitest of managers, I say there’s plenty evidence of it being true.

It takes massive fuck up from a manager to not win with an expensive squad.


Those teams edged out titles against inferior league opposition–failing in some years against opposition like Leicester or far less talented United squads-- playing far inferior football, and failed miserably in the Champions League. Like I said, the statement is evidently not true, unless you live in a4tt world. Not even really worth arguing.


Mancini won against Ferguson’s United.

Once I provide evidence, you cannot claim it is ‘evidently not true’.

That’s not how evidence work.


Against one of Ferguson’s worse teams and after one of the biggest bottling in Ferguson’s career.


Think we can demean every title like that.

United titles since 90s till 2004 - “Had none to little competition”
Arsenal titles - “Only had United to compete against. Liverpool were not good enough”
Chelsea titles pre City- “Arsenal dropped off. Only United to content against”
Leicester titles - “Fluke, massively helped by everyone fucking up”
Chelsea titles post City - “everyone else fucked up”
United titles post City - “Everyone else fucked up”

At the end of the day, they won the titles.

And that goes as evidence.


Plus last season, City spent a quarter of a billion to add on to almost a billion they’ve spent the last 5 years or so. Pep managed that team to 3rd in the league last year, why didn’t he win with the superior squad since he’s the best manager ever?