Manchester City thread


:joy: what the hell.

edit: better not say hell, might upset the Jake the cuck-flake.


How many people do you class as being “so many”?

I only count three people responding to the actual meme; Darkseid, Phoebica and Luca, and it’s debatable whether they all even count as “taking the bait”. Darkseid didnt even seem phased, just dismissive, likewise Luca


Damn sandwich look what you caused :santi:

Edit: you people things to seriously :unamused: had that meme been a man saying I should have made her a sandwich, the reaction would be sooooooooo different


You guys all got pretty angry and aggressive haha seems like getting wound up and calling people names/insulting them counts as taking the bait


I was responding to the use of the word snowflake, not the meme.

I was also merely responding in kind with some name calling, not sure that really counts as taking the bait which was a separate post, but ok


Ahhh fair enough, I see that you did. I probably should have paid more attention!


So it is ok to joke about a woman getting beaten up? :xhaka:


No it’s a joke about a man not getting his damn sammich.


It’s not ok to joke about men beating on women and women beating on men; none of it is ok but seems to only care if the person at the end of the beating has a vagina.


Nowadays we don’t know. That could have been a trans gender wife pre op and she/he could still have a penis.


Ok sir.


Luca it’s okay to be honest. We all know if your wife didn’t have that spaghetti on the table when u got home you’d be calling petr cech to come by and shit all over her, or do something with pee pee and poo poo mr potty mouth.


No, i am not so cuntish.

Back on topic now :wink:


When having a go at someone else for doing something twattish it’s easy to act like one yourself, well, I often find that to be the case anyway lol

Probably stepped over that line with the slightly unnecessary cunt comment




Which funnily enough, is taking the bait. Snowflake gets people so triggered they resort to swearing, name calling, ranting, arguing.

It’s honestly been an amusing way to pass time this afternoon.

Also Luca wind your neck in mate, the stuff you call people is fucking mental.


Was it not you that said men should be able to have abortions or something stupid like that on the old forum?

This thread suddenly became a Menanist circle jerk lol


A what? :eyes:


Male right activist, Menanist, cuck

I’m suprise ld you haven’t heard of these terms considering a lot of your world view is exactly the same as plenty of right wing blogs/podcasts that use these terms a lot


And what’s my world view exactly?

edit: so a Menanist is someone that watches their girlfriend get fucked by another man?

I’m lost.

edit2: for your reference, because I am interested in knowing why my beliefs are aligned with the blogs and podcasts that you subscribe to.