Manchester City thread


Definitely… :joy::joy:


I definitely find men who beat women “fit” to have their opinions taken seriously but definitely don’t find idiots fit to have their opinions taken seriously. So that rules ol Stanny out.


Colleymore is a bit of a drama queen. Perfect for media, finding story where there is none.


You’re a dick


:xhaka: Not funny :xhaka:


Did the meme touch a nerve?


No, you never touch what it needs to.


The shit is in poor taste and just isn’t funny.

What are you 12?



:joy: easy snowflakes. AC should be the one you get mad at.


How long until you graduate to calling everyone cucks all the time?

I don’t understand how people who go round calling others snowflakes don’t realise that they sound like twats.


THe same sort of person that will crack a joke about punching women in the face and expect anything other than a disgusted reaction lol


Blimey, a lot of fragile little snowflakes about today arent there.


Seemingly only one cunt though


He’s a hard man, Jakey. Us snowflakes just cant stand up to real men.

Thank goodness we have strong straight-shooters like Donald to keep all the faeries and snowflakes in line and safe.


Yes, I post one meme and I’m suddenly a dick, a cunt and a trump supporter.

Really people? Why are you so fucking sensitive?


There’s something to making levity of serious things. I think this is a more successful route to change than the hyper-serious SJW approach. Certainly with the shitestorm we’re living in Spain right now in Cataluña the only people helping are those bringing some levity, instead of the people throwing around heavy terms like justice, right to _____, etc. With Trump too the Democrats instead of taking him too seriously and having this pathetically boring Hillary approach might’ve taken a page from John Oliver or Colbert’s book and in doing so given people more a reason to vote, instead of basically none at all. (Through the whole dystopian nightmare of Trump, or through Spain’s crisis, the only people I’m interested in listening to really are the comedians who know to make light of things, this is an aside though, I’m rambling, I know.)

Anyways, we’re on a fucking football forum people, a little perspective. I mean, in Oli’s case I get the sense there’s some actual right-wing beliefs underpinning this stuff in which case it’s not really cool lol, but otherwise people should really get some thicker skin.

I said my bit about a wife beater being fit to give an opinion to piss people off and just to otherwise poke at the thin skin of others for the sake of it, but I actually genuinely believe it. There are plenty of people who have done horrible things whose opinions/work I’m interested in. There are people who have done things worse than wife beating (killing people) whose opinions I’m interested in. There are people like Roman Polanski or Woody Allen who have molested teenage girls or younger whose films I quite enjoy and whose opinions I would be far more interested in than anyone on this forum. There are no doubt people on this forum who haven’t done a single thing ‘wrong’ in my life whose opinion I have zero interest in. In fact, there are plenty of people who have done bad things or who actively do bad things whose music, film, books, athletic performances, etc. we consume on a daily basis. So relaxing a bit with the hypocrisy and the desire to preach your SJW beliefs at any chance wouldn’t go amiss. :slight_smile:


also whats a cuck?


A guy who likes to watch his wife get fucked by another man :smiley: Now that I think about it, I’m in favor of graduating to calling people cucks instead of snowflakes tbh :smiley:

Nah, at least two cunts. I liked that post, thought it was funny, fight me.


So many people took the bait on that post :expressionless: