Manchester City thread


I admire footballers that actively engage with fans via social media. All too easy to just pay people to it for you, but it must make someone’s day when it happens. Nice little touch



Oh fuck! Thanks god it was nothing serious.


Odd that he went to Holland in between a home CL tie and Chelsea away… I suppose it’s fuck all distance flying though.


He went over to go to a Maluma concert. I’m not going to pretend I have any idea who or what that is.


Maluma not popular in the UK?

I consider myself lucky I didn’t opt to make changes that would cost me points in my FF in order to accommodate Aguero this week.


Reports suggesting it is serious (in terms of missing game time).

Wear your seatbelts, ladies and gents!


I’m probably not the right person to ask as my music tastes are somewhat different to most people’s :see_no_evil: but having done some research, it would appear not. He’s never released any music here, though he did play a one off gig in London the other day – why couldn’t Aguero have gone to that one?! Edit - because he was playing in the Champions League at the time, that’ll be why.


I’m not sure I’m still part of the conversation so I’ll just leave you talk to yourself. :grin:


I do that a lot to be fair :crying_cat_face:



Shiiit he was vital for my FPL

Oh and hope hes ok


Must say I loved Pep’s interview with Gary Lineker on the premier league show. So entertaining and insightful!


It was a great interview, definitely worth a watch. Nice little clip here:


Loved that bit haha


Broken rib confirmed.
About to miss 2 months of action.


Has Aguero done a Lineker and now won’t break their goal scoring record? :grin:


Wow… Mendy out long term… Aguero out 2 months… Pogba out long term… suddenly things are a wee bit dicey in Manchester.


Not convinced Agüero’s loss hurts City at all, tbh (was surprised Pep went away from the Sané-Jesus-Sterling/Silva) front three in the first place, tbh. (Any lineup that doesn’t include Sané is not City’s best, IMO, and he’s been out of a number of them or relegated to wing back thanks to Agüero) Mendy yes but you can cope with substitute options at LWB/LB.


It definitely hurts them not sure how it’s beyond doubt, Aguero is still the best striker in the league and his partnership with Jesus was starting to become more than fruitful.

Don’t agree with Sane not being in their team = no best XI either especially with the options at their disposal, he’s good but he’s not that good yet.