Manchester City thread

Everyone’s gangsta till they offer you a bunch of money.

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It’s pretty easy to see the mass hypocrisy amongst the rich and famous. Millions and billions are rarely ever accumulated in a moral and ethical manner so the source of this incredible wealth that they all get to share is directly contradictory to the morals they all claim to possess anyway

And when someone flashes a few million in their face there’s very little that they wouldn’t do


This is my default position lol

I know they’ve done shitty things to economic migrants, which is unforgivable, but can we really compare the UAE to places like Saudi Arabia?

Because the latter seems like it is in a league of its own.



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Yeah, every country has similar amount of skeletons in their backyard as UAE. No need to lump them in with Saudis

In other news… :slight_smile:

Good luck cleaning that

City fans turning on Ederson.
I’m shocked…I didn’t know City fans exist.


Love seeing compilations like these from literally any non-Arsenal keeper.

They’ve now made one with YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T(OST from Attack On Titan) in the background.

Why does this bastard turn into prime Neuer against us?

He’s been fantastic for City over the course of his career, shit like this is so stupid. You can make something like this for every player in world football, goes double for keepers.

I’m sure he’ll take all his City medals as merit over some Twitter normie freak wasting his life to make two minutes of errors into a comp.


Selective football compilations are absolute bullshit and always have been. Except for remembering old legends of the game.

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Yeah, like this one.

Tammy Abraham, what a legend!

Neuer had shit games like this… quite a lot

Over the course of a career, you can always find these blooper videos of every player.
Strikers missing sitters, keeper had butter fingers and mistiming, wreckless tackles, terrible passing etc.

Just goes to show, a YT video can make shit players look good, and good players look shit.

It’s all in the editing :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool

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