Man Utd vs Arsenal (Premier League)

Outcome of the result?

  • Man Utd win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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#Manchester United v Arsenal
Old Trafford, 12:30
Barclays Premier League

The big, shitty one. We need a result here, a win or a draw at least. But we all know what’s coming unfortunately. Let’s forget about last season’s result there and enjoy these vids below. Good times.

And some Wenger vs Mourinho vids to spice it up

Ahh fuck it. BRING IT ON!!! Let’s beat the cunts. Will post my expected formation later, as I’m posting this from work and I actually have no time at all, so bye.


Before the spurs game I said I would settle for a draw against them and then Man U, and I still think that.

Not losing against you rivals is so important, but obviously beating them is even better.

I’d be surprised if we get more than a draw but the pressure is more on Mourinho than Wenger, so I think it will be a defensive display from them.
So I’ll go for a low scoring draw.

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We will probably find some sort of way to get beaten, 2-1 United.

I do agree. A draw or a defeat are the only two outcomes i can see here.

Just don’t lose.


We really need to win IMO, draw would be all fine and well if we beat Spurs at home but because we failed to do that we probably need the maximum.

Think we’ll see Cech, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Xhaka, Walcott, Özil, Iwobi and Alexis start.

We’ve looked poor recently and rarely play well at this ground. Would begrudgingly take a draw.

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What are our other options at RB ? I suppose its Debuchy or playing Mustafi RB and putting Gabriel or Holding next to Kos, I think Wenger will opt for Jenkinson though. Wouldn’t shock me if he finds some sort of way to squeak Ramsey into the starting 11 either.

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Mourinho’s indian sign over Wenger to continue I think.

I don’t normally buy into all that stuff about result statistics and about “team X has a great record against team Y”

Mourinho vs Wenger is just one of the more obvious in the game of football however and despite facing them tomorrow with as good a team as we’ve had in years, I feel like we’ve had the confidence drained out of us over years of playing against Mourinho.

Low scoring loss, maybe 1-0. I don’t think Ibrahimovic missing is particularly a good thing for us either.


Along with travelling to Stamford Bridge, this is absolutely one of the fixtures I expect to lose no matter what. Oh but it’s David Moyes… lose. Oh but they have half a team of reserves playing and their manager is van Gaal… lose.

In a way it’s quite liberating, because if we get anything out of it it’ll make a nice change. Unless we stupidly toss away a lead and draw, in which case I reserve the right to be pissed off.

Good God I want to beat this fucking cunt Mourinho in a match that matters. A MATCH THAT MATTERS @Oliver :yum:


Not confident at all about this given the circumstances, it all adds up against us. A win would be a welcome surprise however!

I think Jenkinson will start, I don’t see why we should be complicating things when Kostafi seems like a good pairing so far. Xhaka to start as well, this could be the time for him to pry himself into the team proper with Santi a doubt for a while.

Big question is Alexis. Whilst I’d love to play him, my sheer pessimism from the outset on the game itself is enough for me to think it wouldn’t be worth it and possibly save him for PSG next week (if fit). We’d end up losing amongst a load of shithousery and lose Alexis amongst the avalanche of shit that follows. Superb.

With the way United have been playing this season, very defensive and compact, I’d wager it will be similar to the Spurs game. Iwobi might well bury his important chance this time though!

Maybe even Wenger will be reluctant to put Jenkinson in for this game and he’ll start Coquelin at Right Back and leave the midfield pairing to Xhaka and Elneny.

Just read a tweet that said the last Arsenal player to score against a Mourinho team in the league was Gilberto Silva. FUCKING GILBERTO SILVA.

That ends tomorrow.

Or not, whatever. :smile: @JakeyBoy what you predicting? Scores and scorers ETC.

Gilberto Silva wow haha. Even then, if I remember correctly, I believe that was a penalty lol.

Seriously our record against Mourniho has to change, we’ve just gotta win Saturday!


I think it must have been this match:

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I agree.
Jenkinson will be targeted by Mourinho as a weak link, and you can expect almost every attack to come from their left.
So Coquelin would be a far better option as RB, and has done a good job for us before in that position.

I want to believe in us, but the odds feel stacked against us.

Never beaten Jose in the League, Old Trafford is statistically our worse away ground. And the month of November is our lowest points per month on average. :santi:

A lot also depends the condition of Alexis, flying back from Chile. Missing Cazorla and Bellerin is also a concern, I feel the right back area is going to be a spot we could get exposed upon.

The only crumb of comfort is they’re not that amazing (not that it stops them usually getting a result from us), so perhaps a draw is possible.

Just do the best you can lads, don’t let them bastards win again.

Have added a poll to the starter post.


The way that Maureen sets up i am going for a bore draw. Arsenal trying to break down the 11 men bus with shitty sideways passing at the 18 yard box and Manu not attacking at all apart from if they catch us out because their attackers are missing. Knowing our luck though we probably lose this from a lapse of concentration or we will lose by a big margin because the players dont turn up. My mind is more going to a bore draw though.

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Was it last season when they didnt have a shot on target but still managed to win courtesy of an own goal from us ?


hhnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhh please don’t remind me fffffffffuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk