Man City vs Arsenal (PL) 0-0

The game was a really tough watch but I can’t really think of another team we’d try to low block. Maybe if we get through Bayern and play Madrid in the CL, especially away? Hell, we might play that way away to Bayern depending on how the first leg goes. It wasn’t a match I plan on rewatching any time soon, that’s for sure.

Isn’t it the same when we had our annual injury crisis?
Nobody showed any mercy to us because we got injuries, but everyone said injury is part of the game.

The fact we are changing tactics on a regular bodes well depending on who our opposition is - means City can no longer steam roll us like they used to do, every club can be controlled which makes us hugely improved year on year !? Just need a deadly finisher and we are set - expectations are high again !!


Sick of reading that we parked the bus when we didn’t at all, City played really well off the ball and so did we. That led to a fairly ‘boring for the neutral’ stalemate but it was no Jose or Pulis anti-football tactic from Mikel.

Saliba was harassed every time he had the ball, White and Saka were blocked off leaving only raya and Gabriel as his options. Nothing progressive was allowed, even Gabriel was blocked half the time.

Raya’s kicking was shit so we couldn’t get out if it went back to him, gifting the ball back to city over and over. The odd time we did get out through midfield, the pass from Jorgi or Odegaard was misplaced and again gave them the ball back.

City’s performance is underrated cos they flopped in attack but they nullified us pretty fucking well too.


Meh, fuck everyone else. We play to benefit us, not the neutral.

No doubt the same cretins would be calling us rotten if we’d lost.



I do enjoy these videos of tactical breakdowns.

Interesting stat for the dirty dirty Arsenal crew… We’re 2nd bottom of the league when it comes to fouls conceded at 9.2, but against city we conceded 20 :rofl:


It is all about the end result.

I love these analysis but in the end if we lost the game, all the tactics Arteta setup were failures.

We are not dirty, we are just physically strong and tough to beat.
If City and Pool did the same, they would only get the praise. We are “weak” if we lost those battles.

Yea this guy makes good vids