Man City vs Arsenal (PL) 0-0

Man City vs Arsenal

:stadium: Etihad Stadium
:calendar: Sunday 2024-03-31T15:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: Sky Sports


  • Man City win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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So hard to know what kind of form we’ll both show after an international break.

But I genuinely think we can win this. City are showing real weaknesses this year.

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Long overdue victory on it’s way

Every bit as big as this game was last season. Hopefully with a better outcome.

I choose to believe. I get burnt every single fucking time, every single fucking time and like a fucking mug I choose to believe and it ain’t different this time.

It’s time to break the pattern.


I’ll take a draw in this one tbh. A win will be a welcome bonus.


I didn’t believe we would get a result last season though and deep down I’m not sure the players or Arteta did either. This year I think they actually do have that belief…no idea whether that translates to a result or not.

A draw for me this. It’s at the shitihad, hopefully we can make another statement win but I think they’ll be too up for it.

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City win 3-0 and the media run wild that we are pretenders.

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I reckon the lads have more belief in the W than the fans…Cannot go there looking for the draw, we need to go there looking for and wanting the win but prepared to accept a draw

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I feel KDB will be the difference maker, if he plays i feel a draw without him being around i feel we would sneak a win. Nothing shows that he wont be playing and that massive turd that won’t flush for us i feel will ruin the party.

hopefully if KDB plays, it’s the version we saw against Liverpool minus the corner kick


I’m gonna say

A tight 1-1 draw with both teams largely cancelling each other out.


Must not lose.

What a statement of intent to the league that will be


if Liver-poo drop points to Brighton just before our game (which I honestly doubt, since Liverpool owe them one having not beaten them in a while), that’ll be a massive shot in the arm when we kick off at 4.30pm.

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It’s either going to be that or we grind something out like we did at home. I don’t really see it being a draw.

A think a marginal 2-1 loss. It’ll be close, but in front of their own fans, I think they’ll just edge us here.

I believe we will win, 2-1.

About time to dethrone City and close the chapter for KDB.

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Cue 18 more days of half of OA being optimistic and the other half writing our eulogy…


When we’ve won the league we’ve done it by being the best team in the league and going away to our nearest rivals and beating them on their own patch.

Thomas at Liverpool 1989
Merson at Liverpool 1991
Overmars at United 1998
Wiltord at United 2002
Edu at Chelsea 2004

Don’t be a fucking pussy taking a draw and hoping our rivals bottle the run in to hand it to us.