Luke The Gooner is here


Hello OA

I took my time but I’m finally here, have to admit it was a massive shock seeing a completely different site, it’s going to take me a while to get used to it because it just looks and feels so strange, like I’m in another country or something. I hope you all missed me because I’m going to start posting again :slight_smile:


Just in time for all the Pokemon gifs that been taking place on here :ramsey:

Welcome Luke!




[quote=“Persona, post:3, topic:436, full:true”]
[/quote]He’s going to have fun figuring out who you are :poldi:


Can we put a 24h 1 post limit on Persona until he finally changes back to Mr-Luke


I can’t see me tolerating your ridiculous new username for much longer…


That’s my decision Mr Leper Messia…Oops no just Leper now, Isn’t it?



Now we just need Len to sign back up and all will be right with the world :slight_smile:

Welcome back Luke.


Wagwan Luke, good to have you with us.

@g4e I basically never agreed with him, and often thought he spoke rubbish, but we need Len back. Absolutely a unique character and often really funny :grinning:

He doesn’t strike me as the social media type lol, but has anyone had any contact with him outside of the forum? Would be a shame if he never found his way here


As much as i loved reading his posts, i never fully agreed with him. some things, yes but not everything. but your description of him is simple and spot on. absolutely a unique character. he’s got a nack for putting a smile on your face even with his more depressing posts after an unexpected (or expected lol) loss.

Definitely brought some much needed colour to the forum.


About fucking time Luke. :slight_smile:


Hello again Luke, welcome to the new site. :strawberry:


Fck off :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hi Luke! Welcome back!


thanks everyone, good to be back :slight_smile: What was wrong with the old site though?


haha Mario Gomez gives it away


You broke it so we had to move. Hope you feel good about yourself.


[quote=“LukeTheGooner, post:15, topic:436”]
What was wrong with the old site though?
[/quote]The short version, no more scoop to grow the site with VB, OA needed a change. We were planning on moving this Summer anyways and then encountered multiple issues which buggered the VB site up even more and sped the moving process up.

The full reason you can find here:


It just doesn’t feel like OA, it looks and feels like facebook


Did he ever input an email address anywhere on the old site that could be used to send him an invitation type email or something?