Luke Cage on Netflix

[spoiler] “you trying to throw me off my game talking about my mumma?”

“No, she a well established ho, that should not phase you one bit” [/spoiler]

It’s fucking amazing watch it

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Great show and I liked the subtle references to Hip Hop throughout it, totally different vibe to Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

Can’t wait for Defenders and Iron Fist.

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Enjoyed it, only let down for me was I feel like Sugar (Pop’s) died way to soon apart from that it was great especially Method Man on sway in the morning, that shit was dope af

After this & Jessica Jones I’m starting to think I really need to watch Daredevil.

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Daredevil is great and settled up the defenders tv series due out next year. Luke cage is ok but not reaily grabbing me Jessica Jones is probable the best out 3 so far

It’s the hip hop element that makes this so great for me but will definitely give the others a go too

I find Daredevil to be the best out of the three.

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  1. Daredevil season 1 … Pure adrenaline
  2. Jessica Jones… She’s hot, ugly, disgustingly attractive
  3. Luke Cage… A socially conscious hoodie wearing bulletproof black man
    in Harlem… What could possibly go wrong.
  4. Daredevil season 2… Electra killed it. No, I mean she really killed it.
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Loved Daredevil but couldn’t stand a couple of eps of Jessica Jones.

Do I have to sit through JJ to enjoy this?

Not at all.

Although you should give JJ another go, bit of slow burner.

I binged watched Power last month and I’ve sort of set my quota for black culture tough guys this month.

But I did see Juice from SOA was in it so I may give it a bash.

Luke Cage is set after his appearance in Jessica Jones both good series…
Took me a few attempts to get into Daredevil, find it hard to get into films/tv progs about blind people(i fear going blind) But id say its the best of the 3 esp series 2 which introduces the Punisher(violent as fuck) and Electra(a bit schizo). Both get a lot of screen time… Marvel at its best…

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