Lucas Torreira (11)


But the point of comparison to Le Coq needs to be on all the evidence we have today, not the 10-15 game stretch where he looked very promising… it is a pointless comparison otherwise. Just like saying player x wasn’t nearly as productive as that half season of Nasir or that one wonder season of Ramsey’s.

We know better now with more data.


He was actually pretty good for 2 seasons and in his third season when Santi got injured we all realised that Coquelin without Santi meant we couldn’t transition from midfield to attack. Now we still can’t transition from midfield but we don’t hold Torreira as accountable as we held Coquelin at the time.


He was ok for that period, good to very good for one stretch really… beyond that he was incredibly inconsistent… what we loved about him was that he gave us bite again, so a lot of people appreciated that… anyway, Le Coq over his career is what he is as is Song… we’ll see where Torreira ends up - I reckon he has a longer and more productive career at Arsenal but of course no one really knows.


We should sign his counterpart, Praet too. Get the Sampdoria lads back together.


Curious @arsenescoatmaker, who would you rather in the squad, Torreira or Coquelin?


I would have them both.
People like to shit on Coquelin but he has had more good games than not.

Shame we couldn’t find a ball carrying midfielder to compliment such players.


Any theories on why he didn’t start today?

I thought he was rested for Fulham and then missing Blackpool was understandable, but why not back in for this difficult away match…


I assume just a tactical choice, much like Ozil not being in the 18 man squad and Ramsey being on the bench.


It was idiocy to not start him if the decision was tactical.

He’s everything that’s good about our shitty midfield, take him out and we’re exposed badly.


He has probably become too good to play the whole 90 minutes for us, just like Ozil, Ramsey and Lacca.


or maybe he needs some rest because he isnt used to the EPL pace and it is his first season and he puts his all into every game and everyone can see he was tiring and it could end up in an injury then we are fucked in midfield totally.


You’re being quite the apologist for Emery today :bellend:


I’m ok with Torreira not starting as he’s looked poor recently.

Needed some time to rejuvinate himself.


nope i am just stating facts look at him recently in the liverpool game he looks knackered and it showed he was making mistakes that he doesnt usually do.


Whats odd is that Elneny has been completely shut out of league mins.

Let’s see what he can do ffs


He’s not really been rested though has he?

And to be honest a tricky away fixture is hardly the one to rest him in tbh.


People talking about a rest are clutching at straws, hasn’t he not started a game for 2 weeks ?


We know what he can do, it just looks like Emery doesn’t like him.

If he’s not out the door this month then someone’s not doing their job. Absolutely pointless to have him here right now if wages are truly what’s preventing us bringing in players. I bet Saka ends up getting more minutes than him in the league this season.


Is Elneny on significant wages though? He’s contracted to summer 2023 so he could be sat around for a while

In terms of wage efficiency it’s a certain sidelined German that is the biggest single factor restraining our wage bill and he needs to be moved on by the summer if Emery doesn’t fancy him


Don’t like him at all as a RCM. Out of his depth so far. Obviously there to cover for Bellerin, like Guendouzi does on the left for Kolasinac but I prefer Torreira as a single pivot at DM.