Lucas Torreira (11)


Yeah sadly Lucas had an absolute nightmare.


The bad game was coming although comfort can be taken that it’s the exception and not the norm.

Is ironic that we were hoping with baited breath that he wouldn’t get the yellow and miss this game, he somehow makes it and has a mare :joy:


Remember when everyone was like plz Lucas don’t get banned for the super important Liverpool match?



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Been a bit shit since Huddersfield at home. Guess it is just the case of him running out of gas.


I have to ask @Arsenal4thetreble what’s with these Santi Cazorla comparisons ? Who ever said he was Cazorla’s replacement?


Yeah I’m not buying that for a second lol


He made it up so he could troll some more.



Looking through the Torreira thread and so far I’ve seen the hilarious comparison of “He’s like a Santi/Kante mix” and then the kicker “mix of Veratti/Vidal” :joy::joy:

Ahh and I finally reached the part where Uruguay and Portugal played in the world cup. Torreira all over the pitch defensively and made a ton of last ditch tackles blocks ect. However Portugal dominated the midfield in that match. Sounds a lot like the way Arsenal play…I was right suck it scrubs.


You are far from wrong and what’s worse is that you’re championing someone who’s been a total flop at Fulham so far and degrading someone who’s been an excellent and welcome addition to Arsenal.

Besides Torreira is playing alongside the least athletic football player in PL history and a 19 year old with loads of energy and little quality.


What your telling me trollble knows nothing? Colour me shocked


I never said Torreira was shit for us recently. He’s proven to be really good, I think he’s great for what he is. A defensive minded midfielder, he’s been fucking awesome, but he isn’t the be all end all solution to our terrible midfield. He and Seri would shit on every midfield in the prem.


But who said he was the be all and end all solution to our midfield?


Here ya go, I was abused because I said he’s not a Santi replacement. Just after these comments thespecialcnut posted a great graphic of how much better both Torreira and Seri’s numbers were over Xhaka. All i ever said in this thread was that Torreira should replace Xhaka and we still need an elite level creative midfielder. Dunno how that could be disagreed with tbh…


Torreira is an unreal talent that god knows how we got. Dude has the potential to be the best #6 in the world, once Kante retires…


It’s Maverick dude, you can’t use that as a piece of evidence, I’m simply throwing that out, try again.

I don’t want to argue with you either, I said Torreira would be a quality defensive midfielder and that’s what he is, you also agree.


Signing this guy would make so much sense. I don’t know much about him but he could be our “new Santi” and replace Wilshere (not too difficult, sadly). Plus he seems to have good tactical awareness and can stick in with a tackle at the right time. Definitely HYPED now - Swissgooner

A mix of Cazorla and Kante - AW49

Another comparison I heard was Verratti and Vidal - YJYUX

Here’s the link go ahead and read for yourselves.

No offense to anyone with these opinions, I personally just didn’t see it and I’m pretty sure I was correct.


So no comment on the things that I’m told were never said yet it took me like 2 minutes to bring up a plethora of examples?? Yeehhhh that’s what I thought :joy::joy:


No one can be bothered with you thats why.


Too big of an ego to admit they could possibly be wrong is more like it :joy::joy: