Lucas Torreira (11)



I agree.
Getting business done early has been unusual, to say the least.
It just reflects how useless our transfer windows were before.


I said the second Wenger left things would change for the better. There’s definitely a strong sense of direction about our business and contract renewals

With our summer business as it so far, I’m content we’ve who we’ve brought in. Torreira is the only signing which excites me however


To be fair, this is the first year of the window shutting before the season starts so you have to get your business done earlier.

I’m not saying Wenger would have been as efficient (probably not) but because of the new rules, neither would he be able to dither as much.


Doubt this.


Hed of spent the summer convincing Wilshire to stay.


Announce Lucas FFS!


Tonight :slight_smile:


Yea right


I hope Arsenal don’t announce Lucas at all & Arsenal fans just keep waiting, slowly eroding their sanity.


You are such an evil human being.


He’s just still hurt about Wenger’s departure.


Think its the Luv Island stuff tbh


FFS :wink:


aaaggghhh you fucker, had my heart going for a second there


As if Sir David would shine a light on a peasant like Kike Moustache.




It better wanna be #TorreiraTuesday or I riot!


@Arsenal you’re on the clock!


Number 11