Lucas Torreira (11)


Motm for me. Wish did better with his great chance but was great burst forward. His recovery and positioning are spot on. Such a smart instinctual positional player.


Lol facts are facts. France and Kante dominated Uruguay and Torreira in that one match where I made my commentary, and I was 100% correct. Immediately after I praised the buy we made and after seeing him play in the preseason for Arsenal I declared he should be in our starting XI in place of Xhaka. My only qualm was that we still needed a Santi replacement. I don’t think any of that is incorrect. Why is this so difficult to comprehend? I dunno :thinking::thinking:


This had me


Love it


I scared the shit out of my cat cheering those two tackles haha



Is he a DM as well? :mustafi:


Good read this


Sounds reasonable…

“He said to us that he was a little tired and that there was a possibility [he could get injured],” said Unai.

“He was giving us good balance but also we have to be clever because he played with the national team for two matches and sometimes you need to listen to the players when they sometimes need rest.

“Matteo is working very well and also I think we need every player. This change was because we needed to give him a rest.”


Image Wenger. “I couldn’t take him out so i took a gamble. It didn’t pay off”.


We’re going to need him for 90min next weekend, so let him put his feet up for a few days :slight_smile:


Image Wenger taking off multiple players over the years for exact same reasoning.







Man of the match, man of the year, best signing of the season, I LOVE THIS GUY


Need a comp from today, what a performance.

Lucas has fantastic reading of the game. Just watch him do these little knicks and toe pokes to win the ball back, it’s such an effective skill and quite an underappreciated bit of play if you don’t look for it.

Shows you don’t need to be a massive passion merchant to boss midfields in this game.

I can’t reiterate how much of a brilliant signing he has been.


The composure for the goal was immense


Need to make more signings like this guy, can’t beleive the fee we got him for in this day and age.


Yeah he’s looking like an outrageous bargain, he really has hit the ground running. Absolutely fucking love this wee little man


He’s a gem period.

We robbed Sampdoria blind with the fee we paid, we have got such a composed warrior of a player.

Been missing someone like him since Gilberto, I LOVED the passion for the goal.