Lucas Torreira (11)


Wasnt that much, was something like £25m


I’m more annoyed he hasn’t started over Guendouzi.


The guy’s quality, why should we wait until he settles down, i didn’t see Jorginho or Keita or even Serri settling in.


Oh well, we paid him quite a good amount of money so he should start.


And two of those teams have better midfield options than us and still playing them.

Torrieria should be central to everything we do in the middle of the park, it’s nonsensical that he isn’t playing.


He’s in a totally new country, he’s getting 45 minutes so far per game, I don’t see the point of rushing him in to a new system, new team, until he himself is ready…He is class, he will be awesome, 2 more games for me, then we unleash the real Torreira…


As someone else already pointed out, Jorginho / Seri / Keita are just 3 examples of players who have mysteriously done without this mythical ‘settling in period’ requirement


@JohnnyH, still sure he hasn’t to start?


Not yet, he will now dominate the second half…


How this guy isn’t starting with our central midfield options is baffling.


maybe he is trying to coach the shitness out of the rest of the team but this guy knows what to do and hence giving the other game time to iron out a lot of the mistakes…only reason i can think of even if it is a terrible and stupid reason.


Definitely one the top, top DMs in the league and could potentially become the top DM in the league. The qualities are there.


Yeah should start every cup game at least.

Assisted the winner!


His impact when he came on was clear to see, was everywhere intercepting, winning tackles and winning fouls.

We can’t continue to leave him out and not get punished.


In every game, when he has come on, this season we have looked far more comfortable.
Even if he isn’t fully fit after the World Cup, he is better than all our other options in that position, mentioning no names.


When was the last time our DM disguised his ball like that? Not even Arteta. Probably Song during his odd playmaker run.



Is he fucking off for the international break? Not ideal if so.


This lad MUST start from now on . What a cracking visionary player .


Reading from Emery said, i think he will be first choice within a month. Well, at least i hope so.