Login error through Facebook


Okay so this has been bugging me ever since I signed up through Facebook. I click the Facebook login button and get this error on my desktop (using Chrome btw):

Any ideas? I can bypass it by clearing my cache and cookies but then the same issue happens next time I try to login.


Think I know what’s causing it.

Can it wait till tomorrow? :smiley:


Of course mate - it works fine on my phone. Was more of an observation!


[quote=“Bl1nk, post:2, topic:454”]
Can it wait till tomorrow? :smiley:
[/quote]No no, it needs fixing now before @Sol smashes something up.



Okay Sol I’ve found the bug,

The Facebook login currently only works while accessing the site through: http://community.onlinearsenal.com so best use that domain on your desktop, for now. I’ll see if I can fix the login for onlinearsenal.com.