Liverpool thread


Liverpool thread people, not Torreira vs Coq. The absence of Klopp talk in the last 30 posts is infuriating.


Santi replacement when Santi hadn’t played for us in two years. Yea, loads of us were saying that. :arteta:



Toriera plays a basic role with a limited skillset and isn’t that good. Get over it.


Bold prediction there, I don’t see it in his locker whatsoever.

Let’s take a logical perspective, pick the number 1 DM in Busquets and talk about what Torriera can emulate in his game in comparison to Busquets and what he’s never going to come near to. Once you put that in perspective you get his level.


I think under the right coaching and playing alongside the right talent we’ll be able to see his talents to their full extent. He did a very good job at Sampdoria and he has so much room to grow as a player.


He also played a different role than he does here.

It showcased the variety in his game much more.


121 million quid raised :clap::moneybag:


Well some are British so the price skyrockets…:joy:
Anyway, no wonder teams ask crazy money from them. The last couple of transfers did bang for them but it wasn’t long ago since almost every transfer they made flopped or wasn’t that good.



That pretty much sums up why in the last 2-3 years they just made us look like mugs in comparison in terms of transfers…


Our lack of nous in that area is criminal and is the epitome of hubris.

To think some were actually being paid to “manage” that area.


@Gio I truly fear for you buddy. You think it’s bad now, just wait till Baldzidis has his claws in and brings that infernal StatsDNA. You got to hope Maldini and Leo see that shit and do this:


I want to see the receipts.

I’ve never seen anyone suggest he was Santi like, so genuinely, I’d like to see who said that because it sounds like bullshit.


Pretty sure you were saying something to that effect iirc.


Tbh, many people believed Torreira looked like a Potara fusion between Cazorla and Coquelin.

Dunno if anyone suggested he was a Santi replacement though.
Most expected him to form a pivot with Xhaka, and that will help thw latter perform.


I posted at least 4 different examples (in the Torreira thread) of ppl directly saying he’s the new santi or daft comparisons of the guy being a mix between some of the best midfielders in the world. Things I replied directly to at the time and lol’d about.


Tbf the receipts are in the Torreira thread.


I will vouch for A4TT, someone compared him to Santi. Someone definitely said ‘Kante and Santi rollled into one’. Hyperbole was gushing back then.


Henderson is a 28 year old at his peak playing in a system he has now got used to after 3+ years with the same coach.

Torreira has just moved to England, joined a team with brand new everything in terms of structure, he has to adapt to new team mates / coach / formation and can barely speak English. He’s also 22 years old.

You’ve provided a lovely description of what the two players might do with the ball, but other than being used in a Roy of the Rovers comic, it has no utility in a football comparison of the two players at this stage.

I’ve seen Torreira show good balance and trickery to get beyond / unfoot an opposition player. With my small sample size, I could say that that is something Henderson cannot do even though it may be a few one-off moments from Torreira that are completely unrepresentative of his style or ability.