Liverpool thread


I don’t think that Henderson, Milner and Wijnaldum are better than our midfielders per say. They are playing under a better system and perhaps coach though.

But I’ll give Emery a bit more time.


I agree with Forever on this one. Whenever I see Wijnaldum playing for Holland it reminds me how average he actually is. Liverpool’s system makes him play so much better.


Keita and Fabinho slowly getting more time is the reason they’ve been playing so much better lately.

The Fabinho in the 2 games against us was night and day difference.


They are though. We make a fuss of Toreira harassing the opposition, but ll 3 of those players do the same while all being better on the ball than Torreira. Where we have Xhaka who is essentially a traffic cone and Guenduzzi who seems scared that it may mess up his girly hair if he ever gets a foot into a tackle.

In terms of playmaking and long passing all 3 are better than all of ours bar Xhaka and none of them have his limitations. Wijaldum has better ball control than any of our midfielders.

Torriera and Guenduzzi are also getting well overrated on here for my liking


These players might be shit on their own but for the type of ‘heavy metal-football’ Klopp likes to play they are exactly the right types (box2box, big engines/ability to run for 90 minutes). Could the same be said for our midfielders and the type of football Emery wants to play?


I disagree. Put Milner, Henderson and Wijnaldum in our team and we would probably be worse off than we are now.


Yeah exactly my point: the coach and the system they play in benefits them. Individually, I don’t think they are better than our midfielders.


Well football is a collective sport so it only matters how good you are if you can apply your skills to practice.


And building cohesion and getting a team play as a… team, is much down to the coaching.


I think one of the things that Klopp is good at is getting the players that fit his style of play really well. For that reason I’m not surprised Chamberlain eventually ended up with them. He fits that mold too.


It’s not a coincidence that Henderson and Milner have both been key players in title challenges prior to Klopp. Klopp has got them performing at a higher level but fundamentally you’re underrating them.

Klopp would also ditch Xhaka quicktime.


Well I don’t really understand your point.

If our midfielders don’t fit our style of play, that doesn’t necessarily reflect negatively on the coach. Maybe they are not the right players, I don’t understand why Liverpool’s midfielders have to stop people complaining about our midfield options. I think Emery would be pretty happy with Milner and Wijnaldum + Keita and Fabinho as midfield options to be really honest with you.


Well, the media are already full of Scousers. If they won the league they would be unbearable.


Anything to substantiate this? I think you’re holding a minority opinion there in suggesting Milner and Henderson are better footballers than Torreira


It’s akin to blasphemy.

Better on the ball than Torreria? :laca:


Torreira is getting ratings across the board, from rival fans and everything. He’s rated appropriately on here, we’re not going OTT


No way that Torreira is worse than Milner or Henderson. Besides, Torreira just got here, the other two have been at their club for ages.


Henderson particularly has very good long passes and his passing and movement is much better and his box to box play is top draw and he can press all game. Can you say that about any of our players?

Torreira’s passing has disappointed me and our transitions without Xhaka in the middle are very poor.


It is OTT when he gets compared to Kante. He can’t drive the ball box to box playing 1-2s or by dribbling like Kante can and he isn’t as prolific a ball winner either. He also has poor vision and poor long range passing. He’s decent at the limited role he has but I would say the praise is OTT because of his limitations.


Going via the WhoScored matrices, Henderson does indeed attempt more long passes per game than Torreira.

However, Torreira is ahead in virtually all the other H2H of consequence, including: tackles per game 2 vs 1.4, clearances pg 1 vs 0.5 interceptions pg 1.3 vs 0.7, blocks pg 0.2 vs 0.1, assists 2 vs 0, key passes pg 0.5 vs 0.3, successful pass % 89.4 vs 88.8

Henderson’s numbers were surprisingly good and makes it a closer contest than I anticipated, but yeah, let’s face it Torreira’s just the superior asset and he’s only just getting his feet under the table :+1: