Liverpool thread


Damn. You really try to trigger maverick with all your power :poldi:


Is the lad in green @Aussiegooner


its fucking dumb though and i cant stand it when people sit there and act like their opinions are fucking fact when you know shit of the future. If you knew so much about the future why didnt you win lotteries buy shares at the right time and fucking buy Arsenal yourself with the trillions of dollars you made…oh i know because you DONT KNOW the fucking future! you can say i feel this that or the other will happen but to say that he knows liverpool will win the title and wont drop points or fuck up against lower opposition etc…its fucking deluded.


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Dude, chill… still new year mood…

Maybe @Aussiegooner is a Dr Strange that could see a millions possibilities but missing out the ones that Pool can’t win all :stuck_out_tongue:


Stop getting so fucking triggered hahaha


:joy::joy: its an opinion why are you so triggered I think they will win it still aswell you gonna get mad at me :wink:


Nah you’ve used the safe word.


Yeah Aussie stop trolling.



I love big Sol. What a character :joy:


Holy spaghetti he is a weirdo haha ! :arteta:


Have you seen Cities away games though? The hardest away games are United, Everton and the next highest away game in the league are Brighton.

4 points doesn’t win a season in January


Yeah City have got a lot of tough ones out of the way also, but given the standard at the top 4 points is decisive when you factor in Liverpool have only dropped 9 points all season.

I have a huge feeling that City are going to regret those back to back losses to Palace & the foxes over the festive period.


We’ve seen how Citeh don’t cope without Fernandinho, I wonder how the scousers would get on without van Dijk


They’d be fine, overrated 75 million quid defender, how they paid that sort of money for him has me fucked.


Many teams can be great for half a season, Wenger managed something like 89 points in 2013. We know the half seasons before and after that were very different. Now this Liverpool team is better but if injuries hits them they may struggle, less so with City’s depth. Although I’m leaning towards Liverpool


Back where it was before saturdays fixtures which sadly puts the spuds back in contention. Still think its Liverpool who win it.
City have now gone the last ten games without a blank sheet. End up giving points up on that form in the end.


Spuds won’t win it, still have to go to City, Liverpool & Chelsea etc.


Probably not but they cant be ruled out. Plus its not always the big games that decide the title. Either way they get away with the wolves loss to a degree now.