Liverpool thread


Right now he probably isn’t better, going on the evidence


He almost certainly is. If this guy ever tempts a top flight English or German side or Karius moves to a League Two side I’ll happily admit you’re right. Until then…


Given he’s getting shown up by League Two players and he’s making errors League 2 keepers probably wouldn’t make it would imply that his level is far lower than the top flight. If Karius had his contract up now he wouldn’t get a top flight deal.

Sometimes young players luck their way into top flight deals based on ‘potential’ that is never realised and Karius is likely to be one of these.


Citation needed.


Most 11 year olds wouldn’t make those errors



I feel bad for Karius.
He needs to go elsewhere. Staying at Liverpool will not help his case, unless he turns world class suddenly


Liverpool is the only City where Fathers Day cards come in packs of 5 :joy:




What the fuck :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


All footballers, regardless of level, rely on confidence. Karius’ must be off the low end of the scale by now. Fair play to Klopp for putting him out there. He was good enough to get enough Prem games last season, so who knows, he might come back. Is Miggy all that much better for a back-up?

Yep, that gobby Tranmere player was just being a prick.




I noticed at the World Cup that he was a bit of a pizza face.

Too much money to be out here like that.


what’s a pizza face?


Acne face.


Getting close to a food insult here.



Roma really has a bizzare logo. Children sucking milk from a mutant dog.


Need to brush up on your Roman mythology- it’s Romulus and Remus. They were raised by wolves


Pretty sure that’s the norm in Italy.