Liverpool thread


I suppose we did manage 54 goals in 19 games at our library this season.


Insufferable cunts.



John Henry wants to change the way money in the Premier League is allocated…


Even though he’s had a reputation as a suspect keeper that would definitely play a part in the errors.

Ramos takes out Salah and concusses Karius and gets away with it, not surprising in the least.



Stoke’s ‘loudest ground in the Premier League’ didn’t do them many favours this season


Tbf Van Dijk pushed Ramos into Karius.


I’ve seen it again and no he didn’t.

He swings him arm out in force, that little push from VVD can’t be used as an excuse.


Are the top 6 teams the main appeal in TV deals? Yes

Should the division of TV money reflect that? No


Well I dunno I didn’t watch it properly so couldn’t tell you


I didn’t see it in the game but just checked via youtube, looks malicious and is something Ramos gets away with all the time.

Very successful but overrated and not a likeable player.


Karius fucked up. Nobodys going to by this report. Hes not very good and not got much of a future their now. Pointless report imo.


If anything the report reflects poorly on LFC medical staff and Karius himself.

It’s no excuse for his errors


Yep, if concussed, he should have been subbed or play paused to allow him to recover. Although I guess that would require himself to flag it up which he won’t necessarily do, and for so.ebody to notice, which would be tougher to assess with him being a goalie and not moving much


He shouldn’t have made a mistake that bad if he’d been unconscious.

It’s not really a big deal in football but I think they should follow the lead of rugby a bit and bring in some rules around head injuries and blood subs.


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha god i am so fucking happy lolpool lost this. Still lol’ing so hard.


My girlfriend is just like the Liverpool goalie
Loris Karius.

I thought she was a keeper until I found out she couldn’t handle balls properly.


My wife is doing an experiment. She’s wearing a Liverpool shirt for a week to get people’s reactions

So far she’s been kicked punched and spat on! Fuck knows what’s gonna happen when she actually leaves the house.


You can only have respect for what they have done, even if this all doesn’t translate into a top two finish. I think Manchester City will have a drop off, but not of that magnitude that they will not be able to defend their Premier League crown. Van Dijk and Firmino are with 26 years old also the oldest starting players. This is a team that has time on their side and enough room for improvement if you look at the ages of players. Keeping Salah at the club will be the most important task for them yet though. I think a player like Mane you can replace well, but if they lose Salah a lot of this will be for nothing in my opinion.

If Klopp manages too win the title in the next three years he’s a top candidate of best manager of the last 15 years in my book. Before Guardiola and Mourinho.


Over Simeone?