Liverpool thread


Feel bad for him, can only imagine how gutted he must be getting injured like that, particularly just before the biggest game of his career.


Don’t know if he can recover well now. Almost one year out is a long time.


I was pleased he left but wouldn’t wish that on anyone especially since he played his way into team as a starter.

Hardly anyone thought he flourish there and now he misses a CL final and a world cup place, sport can be so cruel at times.


You can take the boy out of Arsenal but you can’t take arsenal out of the boy.


Why doesn’t he put some Nivea on it?


But holier than thou arsenal fans say we are uniquely bad. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Fucking pathetic sort your life out


That’s fucking disgraceful. It’s one thing having a go at a player, but to then say to them that you hope their kids die of cancer? Appalling. They probably shouldn’t watch football if it results in them thinking and saying things like that!


Quite worried for Karius over the coming weeks tbh, Twatter is awful at times like these


If you scrape the bottom of social media you’ll easily be able to see nasty abuse directed towards a barely prominent figure.

It’s not a reflection of real life. The LFC supporters clapped him when he went over


Karuis needs to make sure he avoids social media for a few weeks, must be feeling like absolute shit.


Cuntish cunts.


We are more the whiny type… those people are a bit scary.


Fuck off liverpool. Hope the muggy cunts suck klopps dick for the next 10 years whilst winning fuck all.


Seeing this took me back to Szczesny in the Birmingham final, except he only cost one goal and it wasn’t a Champions League final

Karius won’t recover from this :unai:


Absolute banter club.


That’s a very shitty way to lose a big match.

The ‘What ifs’ will bug them for life.
What if Salah stayed?
What if Karius didn’t mess up with first goal?
What if Karius didn’t mess up second time, would we have equalised?

They didn’t lose because the other team totally deserved it or anything. They lost because of individual goofup.

That will hurt.




They lost because they’re a massively one dimensional team who became incredibly limp when Salah went off.

They lost because Kroos and Modric controlled the midfield and their substandard midfield had no answers for the superior players.

They lost because they don’t actually have a striker so when they lose Mohamed Salah’s goals they literally have no solid focal point and you realise that Firmino is only good in the central role when he has his two amigos either side of him. As soon as one of them is absent it becomes abundantly obvious he shouldn’t be Liverpool’s first choice striker.

They also lost because despite having a good first team - they have a shit bench.

Let’s not act like they were unfortunate to lose. Karius may well have fucked up and Salah did indeed go off injured - but Liverpool really didn’t so anything to deserve to win the game.

And there’s a reason their manager has lost 6 finals in a row now. Because he has no big game management.


Take Salah out of this Liverpool side and they are a bang average side. Mane and Firmino are very good players but not game changers in the way Salah is. Mane has dropped off form from his first season with Liverpool. I’m sorry a team with the likes of Henderson, Milner, Lovern, Lalland and Wijnaldum won’t be winning you top honours. Solid professionals but not world beaters. I like the look of Andrew Robertson, they got a top class Left Back in the making with that lad. I think Alexander Arnold has potential but shouldn’t be a first teamer right now.

Ox, I still think has been hit and miss with Liverpool. But cause press love Liverpool his on days have been called out by them more then his off. I don’t wish the lad any ill will, but I still stand by we got the better of that deal in the end. Karius must be done now as a Liverpool player, no way Klopp can have the lad turn out for Liverpool again.

I think Karius, Clyne, Moreno, Danny Ings, Lallana, Mignolet and Emre Can (he hasn’t signed a contract so seems like he’s on his way out) time with Liverpool should be up. They’d get decent money for Clyne, Lallana and Mignolet. They have Keita coming in from Lepizig. Rumours of Nabil Fekir from Lyon if they get him they have another star on their hands. Throw in a top class GK, another top centre back and another Midfielder they’d be able to kick on.