Liverpool thread


Say for Eg Chelsea win the cup on Saturday & Liverpool lose to Real in 2 weeks, you will have a tough time convincing me Chelsea’s season was more superior than Liverpool’s.


Yeah if you throw in the 2 europa finals against Alves and Sevilla as well as the 3 CLs in 20 years its good.


I would agree, but only because Liverpool finished 4th and qualified for the cl…something a lot in here used to slag off…but…at the end of the day, Chelsea will have a trophy to show for their efforts…What will Liverpool have?


Golden boot


No one slagged us off in 2006 though did they ?


An enhanced reputation and a lot of money to spend and improve the squad. Oh and they havent lost yet.


Liverpool are more likely than not going to win the CL. Surely Klopp can’t lose another final and surely Real can’t win 3 in a row


Will quit football if i see Henderson lifting the trophy with the big ears :gabriel:


Would hate it if they won lol


Henderson will be lifting the World Cup too :sunglasses:


Would need a cave and a Ozil pic to wank off to if they won.


How is getting a date with Margot Robbie not an achievement for some random guy? lol


So I’m sure u were first in line in congratulating Arsene on making top 4 every season then and hailing it as a massive achievement, without actually winning a trophy, right? Same principle…


Because missing the one opportunity to go balls deep would overweight the fact that i got the date in the first place.


No its fucking not. He is quite clearly talking about reaching the final of the biggest club competition in world football.


Back down the cave then with the Ozil picture then.


The debate here is premature ffs. Talking like they are already beat in the final. They definitely are not. Liverpool just have European Pedigree. They’ve shown it time and time and time again with many different sets of players.


Yes being 4th best in England is comparable to being 2nd best in Europe :rofl:. By the way Liverpool do have a shot at winning this CL also, Real Madrid’s defence is rather suspect.




Still won’t forget the way he was writhing around in pain lol