Liverpool thread


Liverpool wont lose this today and not sure Chelsea will try too hard up at Newcastle either.


Liverpool shouldn’t lose but how many of their players are going to be thinking more about the CL final than a PL game.
Brighton might get something out of this.


So is their season officially a success now? :xhaka:


Ridiculous from Salah.

That’s the most goals in a PL season since Alan Shearer in 94/95, when there were 22 teams in the league.


Hahahahaha lolpool are so amazing they managed 75 points in the league. Same we did last season :joy::joy::joy: Gonna get shit on in the CL final too which will be funny. Got lucky Salah turned out to be the 2nd coming of Messi for a season at least if not for him they wouldn’t have made top 4.


Yeah I think we can say it was a successful season for Liverpool now

Only an average season for Salah though. What a fraud.


Outscoring Henry, pretty good.


Had a great season so far and can only get better. Players going to want to go there.


Salah better enjoy this. Next season he will be back your standard tricky winger with 9 goals a season kinda guy.


I don’t think it can be underestimated how good of an achievement making the CL final is when your not named Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, PSG or Bayern Munich.


There has literally been a team other than those 5 in the CL final every year for like the last 20 years


Yep and it’s a great effort by them, but I’d only say the last 5 or 6 years it’s relevant. Atletico Madrid, Dortmund, Liverpool & Juve being really well managed punching above their weight.


Forget pre say 2012, Football was a rather different landscape then.


What does reaching a cl final even mean when they will loose it anyway. Reaching a final is not a trophy.


I’d rather make a CL final than win the FA cup for eg, in my eyes it’s a more significant achievement. I understand lots will disagree with my stance on that though.


So you would rather lose a game, instead of winning a trophy?



Its loads of money towards major investment and every agent on the planet putting them on their to sell list too. Also their brand of football under klopp is very appealing to a lot of players around the world.


Liverpool being in 3 of them finals, sort of makes @Aussiegooner point imo.


Liverpool really are European specialists aren’t they ? When you compare European form with league form.


Dont get me wrong reaching a cl final should be applauded, but losing it is not an achivement imo. If i Somehow grafted my way to a date with Margot Robbie, but didnt put the final nail in the coffin and banged her, i dont see it as an achivement.