Liverpool thread


Well then that lies the issue then, when was the last time we scored 80 + league goals in a season ? My hunch would be 09/10 ? So given we are an attacking side our attacking play simply isn’t good enough.


You are 100% correct. Since that season we’ve taken a huge step back in terms of technical ability pretty much all over the pitch. Once we start buying proper players again I think we’ll be in a good spot.




Better than me :kos2:


Love it as well, “Lost a mate at Hillsborough”- so fucking what?


Helen is triggered af :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Fickle female.


This is almost as legit as my classic “my dad used to go to games” to prove I’m a 100% real Arsenal fan.


“My uncle is from Manchester and I used to visit a lot when I was young”


My dad is actually from Lisbon so I Benfica the shit out of that too.


The word fickle is not needed. It’s implied.


Wonder how many words she exchanged with the mate who died at Hillsborough. This gets more cringey aparently the mate agreed to be a human sacrifice in order for the team to have passion and now the current team is reneging on that deal

Jan 27
From this day i will not follow #LFC as i lost a mate to watch a team woth passion…now it seems play for money!!!

This retweet:

Jan 27
Let my son stay up past his bedtime and this is what we get. Walked out of Anfield at half time and my son is crying into his scarf. We are a club in crisis thanks to Klopp #KloppOUT


Is it normal to have a party celebrating a player who won nothing with the club and was desperate to leave? We should have one for Alexis and Theo!


Van Dijk’s Liverpool career to date:

  • Conceded in every game he’s played
  • Told to lose weight by Jamie Carragher
  • Gives away stoppage-time penalty to Tottenham


  • Getting cheated by the usual crap english referees.

Seriously, Liverpool’s style of play will never allow him to shine. The same thing would go for us. He would be great for Chelsea or Manure.


Considering the fee pool paid for him, he’s unlikely to go anywhere else for the rest of his career.


Indeed. To get the best out of him Liverpool need another manager.


No defender is worth the fee they paid for him.

Defenders are less talented footballers who are pushed down the formation to do the dirty work for more talented ones.
There was a reason why defenders used to earn less wages compared to attackers & to be fair they still earn less.

I wasn’t even comfortable with 35m on Mustafi, 75 or so on VVD is just insane.




He’s like a reincarnation of Eboue!!