Liverpool thread


Yeah it isn’t football manager for ANY team or manager lol. It is one reason it is more fair to judge a manager over a series of windows.


What it shows is you are more of a fan of Arsene Wenger than you are Arsenal Football club



Lmao u always say this, can u define what exactly make up the sum of the parts of Arsenal football club, the parts you support?


I support what is best for the club to move forward and compete, part of that contains a manager that is capable.


That wasn’t my question.


Fair play to him for speaking up. The game acts like this doesn’t exist any more.

Thought the post was worth quoting in full as it got a bit lost/ignored. Some irony there I guess…



Why are they so weird?


You beat me to it! Nike really fucked it up. Now the deal could be off.


I think he will still go.
They have just spent 75m on VVD and 40m on Chamberlain and are rumoured to be spending big again on an attacking midfielder, so I think that was probably the money from the proposed Courtinho deal.


50mil for incoming Keita too


C’mon Barca! Get Coutinho immediately! We need the others to weaken our opponents :smile:


There can’t be worse fans than Liverpool ones. Enjoy your 4th place, while we focus on the cups.


You haven’t lived in the north, manutd fans are like juve fans which I’m sure you must know all too well what they’re like. Arrogant even when shit


Yeah, but at Liverpool fans are just unbearable. They have won only one League Cup in the last 10 years and are still gloating.


I can’t imagine they made this deal without knowing money was coming in from Coutinho.


What a cunt!


Be interesting to see how Liverpool deal with this. They’ll surely have to terminate his contract.

Or perhaps they’ll go the other way and all sport “justice for Jon Flanagan” T-shirts


probably be told ‘she started it she called me a shit footballer’ what so someone should be assaulted for telling the truth huh, you prick!