Liverpool thread


I would at least feel like it’s a sign they don’t all literally hate my guts, I think I’d welcome that after death threats and comments against my family.

Don’t disagree with @Midfield_Maestro that it would feel a bit condescending, but if I already knew that I was a figure of mockery and meme fodder I think Id appreciate the gesture nonetheless.


he would (as would i) think ‘what a bunch of twats dont give me this shit’ I would feel this is almost a big lowblow instead of something nice. I would actually find this quite insulting. It would be like working for your boss and every day you are abused by him/her and made to feel like utter shit and worthless and you are told you are worthless then you get employee of the month. To me (some people would take it as a false push of motivation) i would feel this is nothing more than another slap in the face and something to tear me down even further i would literally feel they were adding insult to huge injury and i have to be honest after that i would be like ‘i put up with a lot but after this i want to look elsewhere for worth this person is an absolute bastard’


Wife cheated on him, he’s playing like absolute dog shit and now a pity vote.

It’s a wrap for this dude lol.


Extract from his biography. Interesting read


Interesting character




Dont know why Klopp played him against West ham. Got no argument as they declared his fitness by playing him.


Good for the opponents.






More like has Arsene left Arsenal yet?




In the Liverpool club shop they are selling Liverpool FC advent calendar. You get a free battering ram to open the doors with ! :slight_smile:


Watch this Klopp post match interview. :joy::joy::joy:

Proper argues with the reporter :joy::joy:


His laugh killed me :joy::joy::joy:


Hard to dislike Klopp even tho I should cause he manages lolpool but he seems like a good dude…


Completely mad! Ahahaha!


It was a soft one but Lovren is one stupid defender to make contact in that situation. He’ll take all the blame but their forwards wasted several glorious chances to get the second.


Klopp’s English has improved so much!


Still talk like a typical german though :mustafi: