Liverpool thread


Klopp is one of best managers in last decade or so, so is Pep.
I do have reservation about both of them.


i am not disputing that klopp isnt a good manager i just feel that if he is wc and he has a solid team of his choosing he should be winning stuff even the smaller trophies and until he does i dont feel he should be viewed as wc.


It was a bit of a sneer tbh. Sorry.

Let me expand on this. I think the likes of Bayern, Real and Barcelona can and would make an approach for him if they deemed him world class.

If you look at the shameless media attention given to Pocchetino being linked to Manchester United (almost makes me feel sorry for Spurs because it doesnt feel right), then there’s no reason we cant see the same for Klopp being linked to a bigger team, in spite of him being contracted at Liverpool.

If Klopp was genuinely world class, my instinct would be, can he come to Arsenal now, get us into CL football and win the Europa League this season, then have us win the EPL next season?

My gut reaction- probably not.


Yeah this is kind of how I look at it too… the best managers in terms of all things considered for the EPL are Pep, Klopp, and Poch, probably in that order. WC is such a subjective and odd thing anyway… if Pep is the only WC manager around at all, then yeah, no one else is by definition WC - but I’d say Klopp and Pool’s management deserve a ton of credit for how they are playing and competing.


Liverpool are a big team now, whether we like it or not. They have been in the CL consistently for a few years now, have reached the final and now look like winning the title.

He has taken them to a new level, I don’t get how anyone could deny this. It’s right infront of our eyes.


No wonder since Bayern is also known as FC Holywood in Germany


That’s what we’ve been good at in recent seasons.
Only we sell our best players and replace them with worse :grinning:


Theyre a big team, but theyre not the biggest team.

If Manchester United wanted him at the end of this season, his head would definitely be turned


Not if at the end of this season he’s holding the title above his head, which he has a great chance of doing.

I don’t know why he’d leave the side that he’s built to his liking and has taken to a level they haven’t reached in 30 years.


Wouldn’t you love to have a manager who finds solutions that way though, given that this has been one of our biggest problems for years and years now?


“ If he wins the EPL then maybe we can say he’s doing well “ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


so you are telling me that he has sent the best part of 1/ 2 a billion since he has been here and he was won NOTHING he has got his best chance of winning something in the epl, if he doesnt do you think he good enough? I am damn fucking sure if it was emery you would have wanted him gone if he failed like klopp has. fucking hell you cant even give emery the benefit of the doubt even now when he come into a shitshow and has had only a few months with barely any expenditure and you call him a bum…sort your fucking self out miserable agenda driven prick.


Klopp is single handedly making Liverpool relevant again. How the fuck has he failed?


what has he won? after spending 500m not even a fucking carabao cup. I thought that was the benchmark after all…isnt that what everyone bitches about on here. When it comes to the spuds everyone fucking laughs at them and always the mantra ‘what have they won’ and they have spend less.

Wenger was chastised for winning nothing, and chastised for not winning the cl the final counts for nothing it seems…so why are we judging liverpool differently all of a sudden because everyone is sucking klopps dick all of a sudden?

I thought a WC manager was meant to win trophies. After all isnt that what everyone always say ‘well if he is world class where are his trophies’ As i say he is not SHIT he is a very good coach/manager but i dont feel he has done enough as yet to be deemed as WC.


That’s a stretch. Certainly the architect but would mean fuck all without the structures and support KSE have put in place the last number of years. Klopp gets huge credit but not every bit of it.


They’ll win something this season :wink:


No. Not really. We were all still massively bitching when we’d won three out of four FA cups because it was still clear as day we were going nowhere. I wouldn’t trade trophies for anything and it’s a silly game to play to start judging which is better anyways but I certainly wouldn’t be upset if we were after having the last 3 seasons pool did.


Klopp has the equal 4th most resources to work with in the EPL and in 4 seasons he has made a CL final and will potentially win the EPL… I’d suggest that qualifies him as good enough and a top manager.

If Emery lasts for 4 seasons at us, a club with on par resources to Liverpool and makes a CL final + has a season of 90 + points potentially winning the league you won’t hear boo from me.


Still devastated we never got him in summer 2015 and fucked Wenger off after the back to back FA Cup wins. It went massively down hill from there on for us and Liverpool went up :disappointed:


That may be so and good for them if they do but see if they can keep it up. I mean Leicester won the EPL with far less money spent with Ranieri…does that mean that ranieri is WC :wink: