Liverpool thread


Luca’s too loyal to United to do anything as scummy as joining a Liverpool forum.


This is what makes me hate a lot of football fans especially liverpool fans what a sense of entitlement. Does he not think they would not be in the position they have been recently if it wasnt for klopp to begin with…please do sack him and watch them turn into a joke again


Its not an accurate representation is it though. Honestly the likes of these calls are 0n radio a lot now on most clubs.
Personally think a lot of this stuff is rigged and their just placed calls by stations.


A lot of these calls are made by rival supporters just pretending they support the club.

It happens on Talk Sport quite frequently.
I’ve heard people pretend they are Man City fans then go on to slag off the players, when it’s obvious they support Man U.


suppose so, yeah just for listeners and loving the drama but if it is a genuine liverpool fan he is an utter dunce.


Just dawned on me that Liverpool haven’t lost a game in the league at Anfield since April 2017 when Crystal Palace won there. They have also only lost twice on home soil since January 2016 when United last beat them there.

That’s pretty massive achievement on Klopp’s behalf. He has really turned Anfield into a fortress.


TAA out for a month apparently. They just let Clyne go so no cover lol


Probably get by with Millner tbf.




Hahaha! Love it


Maldini is to defence discipline what Messi is to the attacking one, there’ll be a long time before somebody as good as him comes along.


Whoever made that tweet should be fired.


Van Dijk isn’t as good as Campbell, Terry and Adams.

They’re a level below Maldini.


Hope our pool fans on here are happy your team winning the prem. Congrats @Aussiegooner @Calum @JakeyBoy @Stroller


Can’t hear you with you being all the way down in 5th and in the Europa League :arteta:


Can’t believe how lucky these bastards have had it. When we had league leads in 2008 and 2014, all the other teams kicked on in the 2nd half of the season.

A combination of diving by Salah and Man City taking part in 3 active competitions has helped these c’nts win it


Fuck me, what a swing and a miss.

I’m raging at the prospect of Liverpool winning the league perhaps more than anyone on here


Hmm this is exactly what a secret pool fan would say.


This is the kind of thing a stupid bastard who spent eight hundred quid on FIFA would say


800 quid?! FIFA? The game? Or did he donate money to FIFA?