Liverpool thread


I think it will be disappointing if they don’t win something this year. Not sure how much emphasis you can put on Cup team selection though, even if they pick a strong team and progress past Wolves there is still a long way to go.


For some reason not as much has been made of the trophy draught of Liverpool.

We were hardly as good/dominant as Liverpool. I don’t even think we were genuine contenders that season. Their disappoint is going to be a lot bigger if they miss out. Too big for a FA Cup to make up for it.


The true test as to how good a team is, is winning the double. Not just being a flat track bully and beating the 15 sorry PL teams consistently over the course of the year, but also having giant balls and knocking out your biggest rivals in winner take all matches. This capitulation by lolpool just reinforces the fact that lolpool might just luck into winning the league like Leicester did previously. However their manager lacks the cojones to really dominate English football like our lord and savior Wenger. Get reeekkkttttttt scrubbbb Klopp :joy::joy::joy::joy:


The true test of how good a team is how many points they achieve over 38 games playing everyone home and away, no variables and small sample sizes in that.

Leicester lucked out because they won the league with 81 points, which in this day and age is a real rarity. Liverpool will probably need close to mid 90s for them to become Champions.


im sorry but throwing every competition but the league the first time in a while you have a chance at it is a bit small-time. And a bit spursy. It didn’t help Napoli in the end.

it’s not something that any big clubs should do. They should only do it when that was fashionable like in the big 4 days :arteta:


The real test is how many games u can go unbeaten in the league, they hardly got to 20 :joy::joy::joy: not even half the length of big dick Wenger.

Also a fact is that lolpool have spent more per point than most teams in the league. Counts a lot less when u just throw money at ur problems.


I thought it’s about net spend ? :thinking:


Same thing just take net spend and divide it by the amount of points gained in that time, and lolpool pay more per point than almost anyone. Arsenal get a lot more bang for their buck tbh cuz we actually do things the right way and not just buy titles. Hilarious cuz lolpool spend all that money and they still haven’t won shit for yearrrsss :joy::joy::joy:


@Aussiegooner why do you keep biting if @Arsenal4thetreble is trolling you lol?


I only deal in facts not trolling. I think you’ll find it hard to dispute anything I have said because it’s just facts, don’t shoot the messenger.


Always this mockery of other clubs. You know what is laughable? To have had one of the greatest sides in the history of the game, according to the own fans, and not having won the Champions League ever.


Okay. I’ll play along for this instance. How is spending your own generated money not doing it the right way?


I find his responses comical reading, helps pass the day quicker at work :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


If ur laughing now just wait until Klopp chokes the league away, I’ll really be coming out with the knee slappers then :grin::grin:🖒🖒


Liverpool have won the double actually 1986.


That must have been a legendary side with a manager far superior to Klopp then 🖒


Id say so. However I seen an article today saying this side was better than Bob Paisley teams. I found that very hard to understand when a manager has won 3 European cups, a UEFA cup and 6 titles in 9 years.
Thats real legend material. Klopp should not even be in an argument on that score tbh.


Exactly. It’s tragic that we haven’t. But then what have we got if not mockery?

They mock us, we mock them. That’s part of the completely illogical tribal nature of football.

I’d like to gain some enjoyment from this shit sport that’s only getting shitter, rather than constantly wallow in how shite we are, managed by a guy I didn’t rate, came round to and now pretty much am sure is not taking the club where I’d like it to go, an owner that won’t invest (which would be fine if the management didn’t criminally misuse the huge funds the club does generate itself.)

So yeah, I’ll mock other clubs.

Also I hope McManaman was watching :arteta:


Some people defend Liverpool too much. Image Emery throwing away the F.A. Cup :bellend:


Luca, this emoji :xhaka: is getting jealous.