Line-Up for Liverpool

OK so as the squad stands, how would you line-up for the game?

Bearing in mind that all of the below are out injured/time off:

  • Sanchez
  • Cazorla
  • Ramsey
  • Giroud
  • Ozil
  • Koscielny

I guess we’ll have to go with something like:


Hector Mert Gabs Monreal

 Elneny Xhaka

Iwobi Wilshere Campbell


Kind of depends on how fatigued Xhaka is as well.

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Santi injured??

If we don’t sign any fucking players we will comfortably lose to a full strength Liverpool. Joy :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

They’re only going to get injured at some point anyway so I say play all the players.


I would go for a 4-6-0 formation only so I don’t have to see Walcott being Walcott.


Yeah he’s fucked his achilles. That’s why he couldn’t play last season after his knee healed up because he messed up his achilles.

Probably won’t see him for a while.

Not selling Walcott is almost as big a blow as not signing a new striker


Walcott starting the season upfront for us somes Wenger up. He clearly didn’t think he was good enough when Iwobi was keeping him out the team for the last three months of last season. What’s changed?


Total and utter lack of depth?

It’s literally Sanogo or Walcott at this point since Welbz Dat Guy is injured.

Akpom aswell. So we can chose between Akpom Sanogo and Walcott for our striker against Liverpool in an important first game of the season :joy::joy::joy:

Honestly how can a club this big have not signed any strikers?


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That line up is good enough for the carling cup not the opening game of the season

Shit like this happens when you spend half the summer jacking it to the Euros instead of getting your house in order for the upcoming season. When Mou thrashes us this season Wenger will come out with the same old garbage but at the end of the day one manager was proactive and other was lazy.

So I take it everyone is in agreement with my lineup then?

With the current squad of course.

In all likelihood we’ll have signed Higuain and Bonucci by August 14th so we’ll be fine.

Emirates will be full of rage match day 1 as our lineup for Liverpool will be one of a mid table side and its likely we will be beaten comfortably IMO.


If that’s the lineup I have to watch after waiting months for football to come back, well let’s just say cats will be set on fire.



Bellerin Mertesacker Gabriel Monreal

Coquelin Xhaka

Wilshere Iwobi Chamberlain


Quite a poor line up, tbf. But we have no choice.

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ORLY? I thought we were in the middle of a transfer window?


He’s right we have no choice, but Wenger does.


I think we need to pack the midfield, and try to hit these guys on the counter. Xhaka, Ramsey, and Wilshere should be able to feed Theo. Let’s play like LCFC for one match, it should work well with an overly aggressive lolpool side. Of course this is assuning we don’t make any more signings. We’ve got plenty in the tank to beat these shitters.

Edit: I read here earlier that Sant wasn’t available bit a quicl google search shows that he’s fine and will be available for selection apparently.