Ligue 1 Thread


Montpellier-Monaco, Nantes-Nimes, Toulouse-Reims, Guingamp-Lille, Rennes-St.Etienne and Nice-Lyon today.

Monaco and Nantes take the lead.

1-0 Monaco

1-0 Nantes

2-0 Nantes

Monaco and Nantes up at HT. Reims draw, instead.

Nimes pull one back.

Reims score.

Montpellier equalize.

2-2 Nimes! Some comeback here!

Toulouse equalize.


Did Monaco get another win?


No, they are drawing atm.
Edit: they have just scored now!

3-2 Nimes now! Nantes have collapsed in the second half.

4-2 Nimes :cech:

2-2 Montpellier. Monaco just can’t be constant.

Nimes win, while Monaco and Toulouse draw.


Rennes take the lead.

Rennes up at HT, while Lille draw.
Lille take the lead now.

2-0 Rennes

3-0 Rennes

2-0 Lille

Both Rennes and Lille win.


Watching Nice Lyon. Should be a good game hopefully. Really like Lyon’s team.

Lol terrible dive from Fekir :grimacing:

VARRRR ALERT!! Stonewall penalty for Nice given. Can’t wait till this is in the PL!!


Lyon 0-0 at HT.
Nice take the lead.

Nie win.


St. Etienne-Strasbourg and Caen-Nantes today.

1-0 St. Etienne

2-0 St. Etienne

2-1 Strasbourg

1-0 Nantes

St. Etienne and Nantes win.


Luca, just giving you some info here. The last time anyone clicked a link to a vid in this thread was a goal you posted on Feb 5th.

By all means keep posting them but it would appear no one gives a shit.


Ok mate, i’ll keep it in mind.


Marseille and Amiens play at 16:00.
Marseille 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Marseille

2-0 Marseille. Balotelli having a good time at Marseille.

2-0 Marseille FT.

Monaco and Angers.

1-0 Monaco

1-0 Angers

2-0 Angers

3-0 Angers

Both Angers and Monaco win. Monaco are finally out of the relegation zone.


Bordeaux-Toulouse, Caen-Strasbourg, Lille-Montpellier, Reims-Rennes and St. Etienne-P.S.G. today.
1-0 Bordeaux

Bordeaux up at HT, while Caen and Lille draw.
Toulouse equalize

2-1 Bordeaux

Bordeaux win. Caen and Lille draw, instead.
Reims up against Rennes

Reims up at HT.
2-0 Reims

Reims win 2-0.
P.S.G. 0-0 at HT.
Mbappè the winner for P.S.G. Fucking golazo!