Ligue 1 Thread


Montpellier-Monaco, Nantes-Nimes, Toulouse-Reims, Guingamp-Lille, Rennes-St.Etienne and Nice-Lyon today.

Monaco and Nantes take the lead.

1-0 Monaco

1-0 Nantes

2-0 Nantes

Monaco and Nantes up at HT. Reims draw, instead.

Nimes pull one back.

Reims score.

Montpellier equalize.

2-2 Nimes! Some comeback here!

Toulouse equalize.



Did Monaco get another win?



No, they are drawing atm.
Edit: they have just scored now!

3-2 Nimes now! Nantes have collapsed in the second half.

4-2 Nimes :cech:

2-2 Montpellier. Monaco just can’t be constant.

Nimes win, while Monaco and Toulouse draw.



Rennes take the lead.

Rennes up at HT, while Lille draw.
Lille take the lead now.

2-0 Rennes

3-0 Rennes

2-0 Lille

Both Rennes and Lille win.



Watching Nice Lyon. Should be a good game hopefully. Really like Lyon’s team.

Lol terrible dive from Fekir :grimacing:

VARRRR ALERT!! Stonewall penalty for Nice given. Can’t wait till this is in the PL!!

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Lyon 0-0 at HT.
Nice take the lead.

Nie win.



St. Etienne-Strasbourg and Caen-Nantes today.

1-0 St. Etienne

2-0 St. Etienne

2-1 Strasbourg

1-0 Nantes

St. Etienne and Nantes win.



Luca, just giving you some info here. The last time anyone clicked a link to a vid in this thread was a goal you posted on Feb 5th.

By all means keep posting them but it would appear no one gives a shit.

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Ok mate, i’ll keep it in mind.

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Marseille and Amiens play at 16:00.
Marseille 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Marseille

2-0 Marseille. Balotelli having a good time at Marseille.

2-0 Marseille FT.

Monaco and Angers.

1-0 Monaco

1-0 Angers

2-0 Angers

3-0 Angers

Both Angers and Monaco win. Monaco are finally out of the relegation zone.



february, 17th’s games

Bordeaux-Toulouse, Caen-Strasbourg, Lille-Montpellier, Reims-Rennes and St. Etienne-P.S.G. today.
1-0 Bordeaux

Bordeaux up at HT, while Caen and Lille draw.
Toulouse equalize

2-1 Bordeaux

Bordeaux win. Caen and Lille draw, instead.
Reims up against Rennes

Reims up at HT.
2-0 Reims

Reims win 2-0.
P.S.G. 0-0 at HT.
Mbappè the winner for P.S.G. Fucking golazo!

Midweek’s games

2 games today: Bordeaux-Guingamp and P.S.G.-Montpellier.
Bordeaux 0-0 at HT.
Bordeaux 0-0 FT.
P.S.G. score.

1-1 Montpellier

2-1 P.S.G.

P.S.G. 2-1 up at HT.

3-1 P.S.G.

4-1 P.S.G.

5-1 P.S.G.

5-1 P.S.G. FT.

february, 22th’s games

Dijon-St.Etienne and Strasbourg-Lille today.
Dion 0-0 at HT.
St. Etienne win.

1-1 Lille atm.

1-0 Lille

1-1 Strasbourg

Lille 1-1 FT.

february, 23th’s games

P.S.G. play at 16:00 against Nimes.
1-0 P.S.G. at HT.

2-0 P.S.G.

3-0 P.S.G. FT. Mbappè’s speed is just insane!

february, 24th’s games

Montpellier-Reims, Nantes-Bordeaux, Toulouse-Caen, Rennes-Marseille and Lyon-Monaco today.
1-0 Montpellier.

1-1 Reims

Caen score

Caen leading at HT, while Bordeaux and Reims draw.

2-1 Reims and 1-0 Nantes.

2-1 Reims

1-0 Nantes

2-2 Montpellier

Reims up again.

4-2 Reims and 1-1 Toulouse

4-2 Reims

1-1 Toulouse

Reims and Nantes win, while Caen draw.
1-0 Rennes

Rennes up at HT.
1-1 Marseille

1-1 FT.
Monaco leading Lyon. It would probably be a decisive win to stay up.



Monaco beating Lyon

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2-0 atm.

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Very important 2-goal lead at HT for Monaco.
2-0 Monaco FT. 5 points above the relegation zone now.



Caen-P.S.G. at 16:00 today.

1-0 Caen

1-1 P.S.G.

2-1 P.S.G. FT

Monaco 2-2 FT.

1-0 Angers

2-0 Angers

2-1 Monaco

2-2 Monaco

Guingamp-Nantes, Lille-Dijon, Nice-Strasbourg, Lyon-Toulouse and Marseille-St.Etienne today.

1-0 Nice

1-0 Lille

Lille and Nice win, while Guingamp draw.

Lyon up.

Toulouse equalize immediately.

3-1 Lyon at HT.

2-1 Lyon

3-1 Lyon

5-1 Lyon FT.

4-1 Lyon

5-1 Lyon

Marseille 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Marseille

2-0 Marseille

2-0 Marseille FT.
Bordeaux-Montpellier today.
1-0 Montpellier

1-1 Bordeaux

2-1 Montpellier

2-1 Montpellier FT.

Lyon play at 16:00.
1-0 Lyon at HT.

2-0 Lyon

Strasbourg pull one back.


2-2 FT.
Monaco 1-1 FT.

1-0 Monaco

1-1 Bordeaux

Montpellier-Angers, St.Etienne-Lille, Toulouse-Guingamp, Rennes-Caen and Marseille-Nice today.
1-0 Montpellier

2-0 Montpellier

1-0 Toulouse. Guess who scored :kos2:

Montpellier and Toulouse up at HT, while Lille draw.
Angers pull one back.

1-0 Lille

2-2 Angers

Lille and Toulouse win, while Montpellier draw.

Caen score against Rennes :xhaka:

1-1 Rennes

1-1 at HT
Rennes up now.

3-1 and game over.

3-1 Rennes FT.
Marseille 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Marseille

1-0 Marseille FT.



Read whole thread.

Sounds like a shambles and the opposite of City in terms of operations.

No way will this club be winning a CL. Neymar and Mbappe should get out while they can. (Although fair play to my guy Neymar stepping up for his team. I can understand why yes u popular but he’s still a great player who is there for his team.)



Dijon-P.S.G. today.
1-0 P.S.G. at HT.

2-0 P.S.G. FT.

4-0 FT.

3-0 P.S.G.

4-0 P.S.G.



PSG and City seem like two completely different operations despite both spending vast amounts. City went for football men whilst PSG’s owner has been obsessed with the CL and bug names



They bought Paredes, Kehrer, Choupo-Mouting and Bernat this season. Not sure they are obsessed with big names.

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Nice-Toulouse and Lille-Monaco today.