Ligue 1 Thread


Angers-Bordeaux today.
Bordeaux up at HT.

1-1 Angers

2-1 Bordeaux FT.


Anyone watching Nice v. Monaco? Good game so far. Paddy v Henry.


5 games today:

Guingamp-Rennes 2-1

1-0 Guingamp

2-0 Guingamp

2-1 Rennes. SUPER GOLAZO!


1-0 Nice

1-1 Monaco


1-0 Nimes


1-0 Toulouse. What a rocket!

2-0 Toulouse

2-1 Lyon

2-2 Lyon. FEKIRRRRRRR! :giroud3:

St. Etienne-Marseille 2-1

1-0 Marseille

1-1 St. Etienne

2-1 St. Etienne


Just noticed these two legends on my score checking app…

Feel fucking old :rofl:


Patrick is sitting there like wenger :joy:


Why is his face so round :joy:



I can think of no more appropriate result for this fixture than a draw lol. Good on both of them



Lille-Amiens today.

1-0 Amiens

1-1 Lille

2-1 Lille FT.


P.S.G. play Guingamp at 16:00.
9-0 P.S.G. FT! :rofl:


9-0? What a shit league that is this season. PSG just treat it like a training session for the Champions League!

Though not all good news for them, apparently Verratti has been taken to hospital.




Monaco 2nd from bottom now. Goes to show there’s a great deal of work involved in coaching a proper side in today’s game, no matter how good you speak infront of a camera.

Dread to think what would have happened if we went with Arteta as a manager.


:giroud3: my manager


P.S.G.-Guingamp 9-0

1-0 P.S.G.

2-0 P.S.G.

3-0 P.S.G.

4-0 P.S.G.

5-0 P.S.G.

6-0 P.S.G.

7-0 P.S.G.

8-0 P.S.G.

9-0 P.S.G.

Monaco-Strasbourg 1-5

1-0 Strasbourg

2-0 Strasbourg

2-1 Monaco

3-1 Strasbourg

4-1 Strasbourg

5-1 Strasbourg


Getting relegated with Monaco. Such a great prospect as manager :bellend:


ffs. How far are PSG ahead of everyone haha


What is Cesc doing for that third Strasbourg goal?


And to think they beat them in the League Cup ahah