Ligue 1 Thread


Put me on ignore list if you don’t like it.


I still give you a like, albeit i am at war with you now.


:joy: Haha Luca you crack me up. What a guy


Rennes up at HT.

1-0 Rennes FT.
Both Dijon and Strasbourg draw at HT.

1-0 Strasbourg

1-1 Toulouse. Sanogo! :bellend:

Dijon draw, while Strasbourg win.


Somewhat hard to ignore when it’s everywhere though :slight_smile: Am just saying, it’s probably more worth while doing it in threads that people actually respond to or acknowledge. If no one’s commenting or liking the posts in them, then it seems pointless doing. If people cared about this league, we’d have seen updates and stuff from others during his absence, but there wasn’t.


There is no ignore list


Fabregas not starting well. Already 1-0 to Marseille.


Ok, got it.


Luca.please carry it on!

I need to see my boys Monaco stay up and go great!

Ps I love you :heart::heart:


1-1 at HT.


After threatening me via PM? :thinking: I have to think about it.


whattttt? :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: @Electrifying esplayn?


Macmafia for real.


I was trolling. It is just that i couldn’t stand him talking shit about the game yesterday so i took it on PM.


haha I thought so. elec is a good guy :wink:


You are back to a normal avi. Trolling mode over, then.


yes he is but if you cross him he is straight up gansta blud!


I have gotten to used to this avatar I missed it haha. Still team Ozil tho :wink:

OA doesn’t want me to talk to you anymore Luca lol



Ok, got it. Still #teamUnai :unai: :bellend:

Useless warning, tbh. Don’t give a fuck about it.


Told Luca if he doesn’t fix up he’ll be sleeping with the fishes.

Nah, he was just annoyed ive left the Unai train for now.