Ligue 1 Thread




Cocky fucker.


3-1 Marseille FT.

2-1 Marseille

3-1 Marseille


St. Etienne and Nantes play today.
0-0 at HT.
3-0 St. Etienne FT.

1-0 St. Etienne

2-0 St. Etienne

3-0 St. Etienne


Lille and Lyon play at 16:00.
Lille 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Lille

2-0 Lille

Lyon pull one back.

2-2! Great comeback!


Monaco up at HT.

And they lose :facepalm:

1-1 Montpellier

2-1 Montpellier


Poor Thierry :cry:


got no sympathy for him


Lol why do you hate The :crown: so much


It’s @Aussiegooner after all :smile:


its just really stupid of him to go to a team like that to cut your mangerial teeth, youd think he would build himself up to such an appointment


What? Aussie said nothing bad haha


I’ll always have sympathy for Arsenal’s greatest ever player if things aren’t going well, agreed it wasn’t a wise choice of team to kickstart a managerial career though.


I do apologize. My bad :wink:


Toulouse - Dijon, Marseille - Reims, Rennes - Strasbourg and Bordeaux - Paris SG today.


PSG drop their first points of the season domestically.


2nd win for Titi thanks to two penalty kicks. 0-2 away win.




I feel we now need a correspondent for each thread in Lucas’s absence

@Aussiegooner - LaLiga
@Gladiator - Ligue 1
@SRCJJ - Serie A


Does that mean you or @Electrifying are going to take care of the Scottish Football thread in his absence?

Oh wait… :smirk: