Ligue 1 Thread


Big deflection in the first goal, was about to mock Subasic until I saw the AA


Didn’t notice it.


El Tigre! What a game! 2-2!

Keita :rofl:. What a nasty tackle. Deserved red. Monaco down to 10 men.
The game has slowed down in the second half.
Rony Lopes scores the third! Some comeback from Monaco.

3-2 Monaco FT. They are 3rd now.


Pretty impressive effort from Monaco to win that, down 0-2 at one point and a man short for the whole second half.


Making two goals up is always impressive, but Lyon were really bad in that second half even with one player more…




And to think they play in la Ligue 2, not in fucking 3rd division.


Woah that’s a cricket score.

I know a lot about cricket.


I think we should hit up this guy to be our next keeper


Marseille away to Saint-Etienne today to confirm the 2nd place.
2-1 Marseille at HT.
2-2 FT. Big chance wasted for Marseille.

1-0 Marseille

1-1 Saint-Etienne

2-1 Marseille

2-2 Saint-Etienne


P.S.G. win against Toulouse thanks to Neymar.

Monaco 2-0 up at HT against Angers. Good goal from Jovetic.

4-0 FT. They are back in the 2nd place.


Lol what the hell?!



wow how on earth did he manage that lol, would be easier to let it roll off you into the net, it was harder to miss than to score.


Lyon lose at home against Rennes.


Should have had a penalty though. No Var, no party.


Maybe they will take Lacazette back at seasons end


or maybe we can get fekir who actually knows how to play with him.


:facepalm: Stop it please! Did he poison your breakfast? We are not even talking about Almunia.



1-0 Rennes

2-0 Rennes