Ligue 1 Thread


We should buy him and play him at CF.
"Malcom in the miiiddle!"


Unbelievable. 1-0 Cavani with a great touch.


What a goal

I was hoping Lyon held on so thats a bit disappointing, nice assist by Lo Celso.


Lyon don’t deserve to lose. They have been tidy and well-organized.


FFS, this game is over…

LOOOL Cavani


Yes! Amazing penalty-saved here!
How can Cavani complain here? The ball was well off the line :arteta:



Even an own goal for P.S.G. Game over.


I’m the star i should take the free kick…nope he is the star he is worth more than you. This neymar transfer is gonna do PSG damage i reckon, it looks like there are too many players that think they are top dog too many egos too many big fees etc. I reckon their could be unrest in the camp before long.


What a bunch of dirty drama queens.


yup it seems like neymar though is a fucking huge diva and because he is the biggest transfer in history he will want everything his way…me thinks he is gonna be an absolute cunt and he will be like messi is for barca just pretty much running the club himself soon, might even get to have a say in who he wants to play with at the club, fucking joke.



Just out of interest, did you think that prior to seeing that video?


Cavani needs to show alot more respect!


Yes, look at him for Brazil etc and just in general neymar seems to be an absolute petulant brat.



we will never get any of these players…we see a player like this wenger gets asked if he likes him

‘yes we look at him but you know we have welbeck that can play there, then we have sanchez and we still have lucas perez and we just bought lacazette but he looks an exciting player’



With the season Welbeck is having atm, we don’t need Malcom :hipster:




Obvious ego clash is obvious.

Cavani will be out by next summer