Ligue 1 Thread


Wtf that red card for Metz… awful call.

Mbappe scored.


Funny if Mbappe actually won the Balon d’Or before Neymar :joy:


Neymar just scored as well.


Just a CL training match for PSG, just like every other Ligue 1 match is for them.


Still hope Monaco can pull out another miracle.


Time to support PSG and abandon Arsenal. No more stress! :pray:


Fuck off! They are plastics.
5-1 FT though.


And what are we? :smiley:


Shit. Still better than plastics, tbh :wink:


Like @Arsenal4thetreble says Veratti is not in the line-up. I reckon, except for Neymar, those other three forwards will be rotated.


Monaco play Nice at 4:00 p.m.
Balotelli puts Nice up thanks to a penalty.
2-0 Nice! :arteta:


Nice could have made it 3-0 easily…


3-0 Nice and league over.


The League was over anyway. Monaco wasn’t going to replicate last season.


4-0. Embarassing for Monaco now.
4-0 FT for Nice.


They beat them 4-0 last year as well. Subscribers.


How many league games did Monaco win in a row ? 15 or 16 ?


Cavani’s no weak link. He’ll hit 40+ goals this season with his elite movement thriving off Ney’s playmaking abilities.


Lyon leading Guingamp 1-0 at HT. Diaz thanks to Fekir’s assist.