Leroy Sanè

The best young player in league this season. Absolute baller.


Yeah 6 goals and 6 assists so far in the league, kid is an absolute beast.

Insane how he isn’t even a guaranteed starter in that team…

yeah but he wouldnt get a start here though because we have far better :henry2:

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I think he is now to be fair.

If anyone is gonna get benched to accommodate Aguero or Jesus it’s Stirling.

Players like him make you think why in the blue hell we were persisting with the likes of Chamberlain.


So far agree but lets see how it ends up for him before going overboard on him.

Who needs Sanè when you have Walcott? :xhaka:

He is first choice atm, tbh.

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Yeah, kid is really good, think you could make an argument for top 5 players in the league too, or certainly top 10.


Yeah as others have said, he is a guaranteed starter now. He has started every PL and CL game for the last 2 months!

But yeah, would absolutely love him here. He doesn’t seem to have much in terms of weaknesses. He probably needs to work more on his ability to hold up the ball, but that’s just clutching at straws really.

He’s a baller, quick, dribbler and a good shooter

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Think Pep has improved him greatly.