Leno Gang vs Emi Gang Tracker



I’m a Leno man myself but we had an opportunity to make some money so we sold him, it was a good choice. We probably aren’t getting that for Leno at that time and we needed money. Shoulda sold AMN in exactly the same fashion when he had value.

@Trion where is the point deduction for Emi?

Gotta be like .25 for an error, but I think Trion on deals in .5. Gotta leave it as it is imho. Emi’s got too much cash in the bank from his MOTM display a week ago.

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I saw the match and Emi made an amazing save to keep it at 1-0 only to make that spill.
Another save in second half.

On balance, we can leave it as it is.


I am not a satisfied customer

More corrupt than PL refs. Whole thread is ruined because of this

Don’t say that :pensive:

Don’t worry, for something to be ruined it had to be good in the first place.


Emi Gang 3.5 ( :arrow_up_small:0.5)
Leno Gang 4

[Cumulative for Wolves & Leeds United]

Lenos one on one save yesterday gotta be worth a .5

His pass to Xhaka, the worst player under pressure we have, in the penalty area, has to be a -1

He was just following orders!!

:joy: :joy:

Pretty sure Nuremberg established that wasn’t a valid excuse

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Yea but it’s never been tested at the Court of Arbitration for Sport has it?


Leno’s save was straight to him. That said just like with Martinez, I will cumulate the points and assign 0.5 when applicable.

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Leno had to stick a leg out and make the save no? Stop being bias and give Leno +2.5