Leicester v Arsenal (PL)

Wednesday May 9
7.45pm (not on TV)

Just remembered we have a football match tomorrow. Though it’s now a game of beach volleyball – given that’s the location.

But anyway, as unimportant as it is, it’s still a chance to see the likes of Mavropanos again (you can never see too much of him).


  • Arsenal win
  • Leicester win
  • Draw
  • I’m washing my hair

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Think we may actually end our away losing streak on Wednesday night, going to say 3-2 Arsenal.

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Hope we can finally win an away game. Auba and Laca to run riot again.

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Auba is going to have an absolute field day here. Another high scoring win.


Gonna go out on a limb and say Leic win or draw.

In a way, if Spurs haven’t cemented a CL spot by the weekend, I wouldn’t actually mind losing this if it means Leicester go into that final game against them with a win and teeny bit of momentum behind them

Spurs dropping into the Europa League would be pretty funny.

It’s staggering how Spurs and Liverpool have let this situation occur. They were miles ahead of Chelsea!

Wouldn’t mind Chelsea not being in the Europa tbh.

Spurs in the Europa would be perfect.

Leicester are on the beach. We may finally get our first away points this year in the second last game of the season haha

Liverpool letting it slip isn’t really that staggering tbh, they have been putting lots of effort into making the Champions League Final.

In the end it’s unlikely to matter though, Liverpool will win the last home game & Spurs should pick up 4 points from 2 home games.

We’re wearing our home top for the first time away to Leicester since they were promoted in 2014


Anyone else going?

Ah, just me, then

Hope another 5-0 for these snakes. They deserve it.

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Yeah, because they will never win it.

If Crystal Palace can get five against them and then West Ham can beat them away, by two goals without them scoring, we should win this easily.

I’ll go 4-1 to us.

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You have made your predictions :smile:

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Is the game televised?


Ahh thanks.

Some dodgy streaming, then.

Will try and stream this tomorrow as I would like to see Wenger’s final game live (for me) as I’ll be in Edinburgh all weekend for my birthday :beers::beers::beers: so will miss the Huddersfield game

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