Leeds United

Funny you should say that.

My dad was in Steps

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Panchoda :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Tell me about it.

It’s a tragedy

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Im dead :skull:

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just like @DavidHillier s jokes


Can’t help it if you lot leed me on

I do like some of them tbf

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That’s more than Phoebs does :joy:

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Because they’re all dreadful


do you do them in real life as well, or just on OA?

I’m not allowed to do them in real life

This is my face in real life


(Only less jaundiced)

will you get told off?

Pretty much :joy:

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You wouldn’t get that with many other managers, what a class guy


Were they just waiting for him at his house?

Most of you on here won’t remember, but when Leeds were ‘big’ with the likes of Hunter, Jones, Cunt Bremner, Clarke, Sprake, etc., they were every bit as fucking sickening as Liverpool are today. The usual media wanks were jizzing their pants at every little move and all their plastic followers were the same.

Fucking cringe club. You have been warned. Fuck out, indeed.


I hate this current Liverpool side, with a passion…But I am in total agreement with you here, every one of those players you have named were nasty, vicious, vengeful players…Good players, but they were a horrible bunch…
They were not called Dirty Leeds for nothing…And Don Revie…the worst of the bunch…


Glad they are back in the PL. Theyve got some history, hope they can stay up and establish themselves back in the league.