Leandro Trossard (19)

guy looks like he has old man dentures

Jesus needs to fight for his spot when he is back.

Gabriel Jesus is in our top 5 players, when healthy he’s pretty much a lock to start.

Loved Trossard’s game today, beautiful squad player, great desperation and courage to win the header for the goal.


Martinelli - Trossard - Jesus - Saka
———— Rice ———- Odegaard———

Doppel Falsch-Neun :brain:


Chuck Jesus on the wing when he comes back and keep Leo as the CF. Gabi can play that wing position better than Leo and we can rotate Saka/Marti.

Won’t be happening, absolute lock if healthy the first choice attacking 4 will be Jesus, Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard.

It will be difficult to drop Trossard if he’s in form and we’re winning.
He’s scoring and assisting so, if Arteta thinks Jesus is undroppable when he’s fit, then maybe another starting player should make way, like Havertz perhaps.

Tbh, I was just fucking around with @Flexo.

I guess what changed now is that we’ve seen Jesus being phased into the side while Nketiah was on a run.

Likely we see the same with Trossard.

It is important to remember who we’re playing next though. Brentford are a very physical side, especially away from home.

Can see Arteta deciding to go with Jesus for it for that alone. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if Nketiah gets the nod too.

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Please no. Nketiah needs to only cameo off the bench

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Edit: @Bl1nk already posted it in another thread.


Damn that’s smooth

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Does Doku do a hop mid dribble? I think does.



It annoys me that he wore the 9 and Lukaku wore 10.

I’m very picky on my squad numbers and even though he often plays up front, he is a guy who should be wearing 11, 7 maybe 10 or perhaps 8 depending on the others in the team.

It’s certainly not as bad as Gavi wearing 9 for Spain though :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Great last minute winner but for the love of god Leo, sort out your finishing.

Another two big chances squandered today. Very uncharacteristic from him because he’s arguably one of our calmest players in and around the box.

Trossard’s been rubbish lately.

Perhaps he’s leaving them for Villa. :trossard:

Lol the cycle repeats itself once more.

Trossard is great, what a player.

Trossard is shite, what a twat.

In next week’s installment, he’ll be great again


He got into great positions and could have bagged a goal with a bit more luck. Been crap recently, but I thought he was a big threat tonight.

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