Leandro Trossard (19)

I honestly have no clue.
Spurs going for Zaniolo could help out not turning this into a bidding war.

I’ve got it totally wrong on this one though so I wouldn’t trust me if I were you.

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Oooh I’ll take a bit of trossard

I mean it’s a better depth signing - ie January style.

Only concern on Mudryk was having a £80m as a backup on the bench.


Maybe us leading the chase for Declan Rice means we don’t want to spend big on a winger?


If this happens it will be:

Mudryk more than two thousand posts - not signed.
Trossard twenty posts - signed. :grinning:


7G3A, scored against Chealsea, City and a hattrick vs pool, this transfer is a necessity, we need depth, and if the fee is reasonable, it gives us some leeway for another midfielder signing hopefully.


Not an ideal signing, but tbh better than doing nothing in January.

Gives us a competent depth option as a winger along with ESR.


I prefer this over Mud tbh.

Premier league experience

Premier league ready.

A better signing to sit on the bench for depth


He has 5 months left?? And we’re not going for the free in the summer?

Who is this and what have they done with the real Arsenal?

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We’re winning the fucking league!!

Exactly what we need for the rest of the season. If you only focus on the current season he’ll give is more than Mudryk, or even Felix, no doubt.

He’s just having his best season ever - in the PL. great form atm… Really PROVED he can do the job in different attacking positions, unlike many players who played only one position in their entire life but are described as players who CAN play in different positions…

Our starting XI is set, we don’t even need anything better atm, and even if you’re asking for an improvement there, eveny a big pricey player (like Leao for example) would take some time to bed in.

Absolutely perfect for us atm.

I have to say also, even before this season, whenever I watched Brighton he always seemed like a very handy player who always creates danger, has a goal in him, nice dribbbler. Expecting him to do great for us.


Brighton have the option to extend it by a year

Not signing our first choice targets has worked out for us before, here’s to another!


Fabrizio, oh lovely touch, puts it on a plate for David… TAP IN


I just hope we’re not Trossing our money away here.



Interesting wording from Ornstein.

Is this a Buendia type of deal? Sorting this out to be there as backup and then see if we can land other (perhaps higher priority) candidates?

Underwhelming, yes. Not a player who raises the bar.

However…does he improve the squad? Yes. Undoubtedly a much more experienced and adjusted PL signing.

He’s a very tidy player - dribbling, close control, directness, versatile.

If the fee is £25m or less then its hard to find a fault with this. We were gazumped for Felix and Mudryk. And we need to strengthen.

Not the name we wanted but a smart move. We are desperate to add a forward and I’d be happy for Trossard to be backup for the next 18 months. And still gives us room to spend big on a marquee forward in the summer.

The logic is there.

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Better than nothing. Last January made me mad, repeating that performance this time round would leave me apoplectic. We’ve got a great shot at winning the league, total inaction would basically be criminal negligence.

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