Laurent Koscielny

This is the epitome of what used to happen and i used to think ‘what in the hell are they doing in training’

The way Coquelin bounces off Hazard’s arse :arteta:

Current Arsenal deal with that so fucking differently.

The first header is contested more dominantly by Gabriel or Saliba. Good chance of killing the danger off right there.

If not, Rice either barges the cunt over or tussles him away from danger.

We stop danger at root a lot better than we used to, purely from winning our efoggin duels boys


from Coq/Kos to Rice/Saliba or Gabriel is about 2 levels up.

That was the game where a fan had a ‘Wenger Out’ sign and Neville called him an “idiot”.

Neville’s a prat.

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At least

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Just dropped a couple of thug tears :cry:

Has he got a Bordeaux top under that Tshirt :clown_face: