I currently have a Microsoft Surface Pro, I think its a 4 and am looking for a new one, similar to the surface.

The ones I can find which are most similar, that being a 2 in 1 laptop/tablet type, is the new Surface or the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360

I definitely want an i7 processor with 16GB RAM
Its mostly for surfing the net, holding photos, playing Football Manager and creating the odd Microsoft document here and there.

I like the Galaxy Book2 currently as it comes with a pen and keyboard, and with the Surface, its more expensive and the keyboard and pen are an extra cost.

I know people who are in the know about laptops will say I dont need something as powerful for that kind of usage but I always love a quick responsive processor and have been building up to getting an i7 for a little while, in other words Im happy to spend more to get the better system.

Any advice welcome!!

The 1990s called and wants its device back.

These are new models?

Anyway, cheers for the advice, much appreciated

Not sure why you felt the need to reply with such an unnecessary and unhelpful comment

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I’ve had a surface pro for almost 4 years now as a personal device. The keyboard takes some getting used to but it has proven to be a very convenient purchase.

I do prefer a proper laptop keyboard though. I use a surface laptop through work and that is terrific. Normally work laptops are crap because off all the bloat they put on there, but in spite of that it still runs super quick. It’s an i7 (can’t remember which specific processor) and 16GB Ram. Slim profile and really sleek.

I’ve never had a Samsung tablet, though I imagine they are way more bang for buck

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